Health Benefits of Having Clean Filters

frequent headaches

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Poor indoor air quality poses a serious health concern. In fact, Indoor air pollution is among the top environmental health risks. There are many factors that may contribute to poor indoor air quality like carpets, dirt, dust and smoke. Breathing these pollutants daily can cause itchy eyes, scratchy throats, frequent headaches and respiratory problems. An improved air quality can keep away these health risks. Continue reading

Health – A Basic Human Right

I believe we all have basic human rights food, shelter, and the other basic rights. But beyond this basic rights there is something more important, and that is health. It is absolutely astounding how much improvement we as humans can make on our health and nutrition. In fact health should be a basic human right. Something that every human being can count on. Something they can expect. Continue reading

The Growing Protein Powder Market – Who Needs Supplements?

You can now buy supplements that claim to help you feel more energetic, chisel your abdominals into a perfect six pack, or build a lean body with the perfect muscle-to-fat ratio. If you have a health or fitness goal, there are supplements to help you reach them faster than expected and with greater results. The question is whether you really need those supplements to create and maintain a healthy body.

One study published in the professional journal Pediatrics showed that more teenagers are now using supplements to build muscle. The study measured the use of protein powder and the prevalence of other muscle-building behaviors among male and female youth. The results showed that boys and girls are using supplements to form their bodies or enhance performance in sports.

The growing number of supplements in stores and the amount of promotion they receive online shows that adults are using them in greater numbers as well. New supplements hit the market all the time, and many target specific markets.

For instance, you can now segment the protein powder market into specific categories. There are protein powders for women, for men, for vegans and for the gluten intolerant. There are protein powders designed for easier digestion and others designed for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Some are recommended for pre-workout energy while others are recommended for post-workout recovery. Some contain added fiber while others add creatine and essential amino acids.

In addition to protein powders, there are pills, creams and gummies all pushing the dream of a well-sculpted body bursting with youthful energy. While it may seem like these supplements are out to make money from the unrealistic dreams of consumers, there are some legitimate reasons to use protein powder and other supplements:

1. You have realistic health and fitness goals and need to adjust your lifestyle to reach them. Some supplements make it easier to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. For instance, high-quality protein bars with natural ingredients are far healthier than anything you might find in the vending machine at work.

2. You struggle to lose weight or put on muscle and don’t want to resort to illegal drugs or extreme dieting and weightlifting habits. It is easier to increase your protein intake without increasing fat intake if you use a high-quality protein powder with limited calories, fat grams and carbohydrates.

3. You are a serious athlete and sometimes need extra energy or a boost to get through difficult training sessions. This is far different than using performance-enhancing drugs in order to perform beyond your natural ability. The goal is to fuel up for intense training sessions so that you gain greater results from your hard work.

You may find other reasons that you need to use some type of health and fitness supplement. If so, there are some things you should do prior to selecting a supplement and starting use:

1. Make sure that your goals are realistic and you actually need the assistance reaching those goals. If you can get through moderate-intensity workouts and achieve the results you want to achieve by consuming a well-balanced diet and exercising without assistance, then you should do so. Supplements are there if you aren’t getting the results achieved or need help adjusting your lifestyle to ensure successful progress toward your goals. When you run into a problem, a supplement may offer a solution.

2. Research all of your options before deciding on one product. There are so many different supplements on the market that some people get confused. If you simply pick a product at random, you aren’t likely to end up with the results expected. Get to know the market, and then make an educated decision.

3. Invest in quality ingredients. Look for products that keep it as natural as possible, eliminating GMO, artificial flavors or colors, and unnatural preservatives. Look at the primary ingredients in different products and research their ability to deliver the results claimed by the product.  Look into products online rather than believing the claims on the packaging blindly.

Finally, consider age when determining whether you need supplements or not. The fact that more teenagers than ever are using protein powder and other supplements is a concern. Some young athletes can use these supplements responsibly, but others may misuse them in dangerous ways. If you are young or have a teenager, make sure they use the right supplements for the right reasons or none at all.

Simple Tips for Relieving Stress this Summer

Studies have shown that if people do not take care of the stress in their life, they will not live a very long life. While exercising and eating right is important, stress can actually override all the good those two things do, and actually shorten someone’s life no matter what shape they are in. There are a lot of ways that people can relieve the stress they experience every day, and here is a small list of just a few of the most effective ways for people to relax and take it easy. This will, on the whole, make them happier more care free.

Read A Good Book

There is nothing more relaxing than for people to lose themselves in the pages of a good book. Reading can be an amazing way to relax because it not only relaxes the body, but it is also more important than ever that people find the time to be alone. A day off to do something like go shopping, go to the spa, or anything else that brings them pleasure is going to really boost their morale, and will definitely be a big way to relieve stress.

Take Up A New Hobby

Indulging in things that people are interested in can be a great way to leave the world behind. Some people love to collect things, and a great example of collecting things would be classic cars. Every man has their own idea of what their perfect car is, and sometimes it takes owning many of them to finally know what they want to buy. For classic car collectors, the car has to be in absolute pristine condition, loaded with things like original wheels and coated in original paint. There is no greater joy then people finding the perfect specimen of car they are looking for, and that happiness is going to dissolve their stress away better than anything else.

Get Away From It All

One way to find relief from stress is to escape to another place even if it is for a short time, like a weekend. When people get away from it all by leaving their hometown, they need to remember to leave things like their computers and cell phones at home. The idea is to have a nice vacation, and to relax, and being able to leave electronics behind is a great way to start. People often to go the woods to hide, and these days, electronic devices can make that impossible unless people make a choice to leave them at home. Even if the vacation is short, just leaving town is going to make you feel better.

Stress is called the invisible killer because people are not aware that too much of it can literally shorten their lives, no matter what they do to take care of themselves. People can go on vacation, take a day to relax, find a satisfying hobby, or pick up a good book, and soon they will feel their stress levels drop and mood improve dramatically.

Orthodontics for Adults or How to Straighten Your Teeth Regardless of Age

Straight teeth are the norm when it comes to a pleasant appearance and good oral health. However, crooked teeth are a reality among many adults nowadays. The lack of money or dental education determined many parents to skip the orthodontist visit at the appropriate moment and grown-up individuals are now living with the consequences. But what most people do not know is that badly aligned teeth can be straightened up regardless of age. In fact, it is estimated that one in five patients opting for an orthodontic treatment is adult. They now have the education necessary to understand the necessity of such a treatment and the financial means to support it.

What can orthodontics do for adult patients?

Adult patients can benefit from most of the treatments offered in an orthodontic clinic, including teeth straightening, malocclusion and improper bite treatment. A specialized examination, cumulated with X-rays, photos and teeth molds helps the orthodontist form an accurate opinion about the treatments needed.

One of the drawbacks associated with age is the fact that the treatment is usually longer in adults that in children. The actual time needed for a complete treatment varies from person to person, but an adult should expect to have perfectly lined up teeth after about 2 years of brace wearing.

The other downside of orthodontic treatment in adulthood is the fact that the bones have stopped growing, so that conditions associated with unequal jaws can only be solved by surgical means. The surgery is done before or after the brace treatment, depending on the condition. Not all people wearing braces need surgery, so stop by for a check-up before making up your mind!

Before the orthodontic treatment

Before deciding upon what type of braces would be more convenient for the patient, the orthodontist needs to know the teeth condition as well as the patient’s general health state. This is mainly because patients with periodontal problems may not qualify for an orthodontic treatment. Wearing braces when the tooth or the bone supporting the tooth is affected increases the risk of tooth decay or jaw related diseases.  Therefore, it is advisable to address the periodontal issues before starting an orthodontic treatment.

Patients with bleeding disorders, leukemia, severe diabetes which cannot be kept under control or severe heart-valve disease should consult their physician before undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Also, patients who take osteoporosis or arthritis may experience the need for longer treatment as these drugs make the teeth harder to move.

Dental appliances suitable for adults

Nowadays there are a great variety of braces suitable for adults, from the metal ones applied onto a thin metal wire to the “clear” invisalign braces. The new devices are considerably less bulky and appropriate for everyday use. Let’s take a look at each one of the options for a better understanding of their features.

Traditional stainless steel braces – affordable, sturdy and highly efficient, the stainless steel braces are still used by many orthodontists. However, patients looking for more discreet options tend to skip these braces due to their anesthetic look.

Plastic braces – usually made in clear plastic, these braces are growing more popular among adults, due to their discreet look. However, the plastic braces tend stain in time and to develop friction between them and the supporting wire, which in turn leads to a less effective and longer treatment.

Ceramic braces – available in tooth-color, the ceramic braces are almost invisible, which also makes them extremely popular among adult patients. However, they have more chances of breaking then the traditional ones. Also, they can affect the enamel on the lower teeth, which are smaller and more prone to such accidents. To solve this problem, many orthodontists recommend using ceramic braces on top teeth and metal ones on lower teeth.

Invisalign – also known as “clear” braces, these innovative devices are solve the esthetic concern by removing the wires and metallic parts. They are custom-made clear plastic appliances which cover the teeth entirely, while forcing them to move in the wanted direction.

The orthodontic treatment for adults does not only have a strong cosmetic result, but it also impacts the way in which the patient bites, chews and speaks. Furthermore, well aligned teeth are easier to clean and care for, which means healthier teeth with minimum effort. All these are good reasons to pay a visit to an orthodontist right away!

Top 10 Healthy Nutrients For A Healthy Lifestyle

As consumers of the modern world, we are constantly surrounded by many different food choices, whether it’s in the supermarket or on the high street full of takeaways and restaurants, we are bombarded by different unhealthy choices every day of our lives. It’s no wonder then that the obesity rate has increased in many different countries such as the U.S and UK, it is therefore important to educate people on the important nutrients, fitness and having a healthy living. Studies have shown that the 10 top nutrients are water, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin c, iron, folic acid and zinc. All of these are essential daily nutrients, that are important for healthy living and good fitness, the most important nutrient is water, since our body is made up over 70% of water, it’s important to keep the body hydrated and by consuming water daily, it helps your body to detox and remove waste.

Many fruits and vegetables will contain the above nutrients and are easily purchased, but the hard part is making sure that they are part of your daily lifestyle and eating routine. Apples are a great fruit, not only are they delicious and a great ingredient for smoothies, they contain 3 of the above nutrients. Apples contain vitamin c, vitamin a, iron and calcium, all important daily nutrients and are a great source of potassium, which is good for the heart. Avocados are also known for being a healthy brain food, not only are they full of good fats, but they are also high in protein and fiber. On average an avocado will contain four grams of protein, which is quite high compared to other fruits. Avocados are also known for lowering cholesterols, contributes to a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and artery disease, avocadoes also have a smooth texture and are a great ingredient for smoothies. Spinach is also a great power vegetable, a high source of folic acid, zinc, vitamin c, vitamin a and vitamin k. Not only is spinach available all year round, its cheap to purchase and a perfect ingredients for smoothies.

If you find that you don’t have time to create meals with the different types of fruits and vegetables then why not think about investing in a good blender to make good nutritional smoothies. The Nutribullet Extractor is well known for being a good nutritional blender, known for being a nutritional extractor, the Nutribullet is best known for keeping all fruits and vegetables nutrition. The difference between blenders and the Nutribullet is the Nutribullet keeps all of the fruits & vegtables nutrients, whilst other blenders may leave lumps of ingredients, which ends up being thrown away. So try mixing avocadoes, apples and spinach together, and include healthy blends into your daily lifestyle, if they taste results in too bland, then add a lemon or ginger into your mix for a nicer taste. Smoothies are not only a great way to have nutrients, but they are also a delicious healthy snack, so include important nutrition into your diet today and create your own healthy smoothies. You can find a whole range of Nutribullet Recipes at Nutribullet Kitchen, they also have a variety of different Smoothie Guides which are worth checking out such as the 5 best Pumpkin Smoothie Recipes.

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Cooking

cookingNow that summer is here, thousands of restless lovers of the outdoors are brainstorming ideas to get out of the house and back into healthy habits. While trips to the lake and hikes in the mountains are great ways to increase activity level, it’s always beneficial to also return to healthy eating habits. Here are a few tips to help you think of creative ways to do so.

1. Think Fresh

During these warm (okay, hot) summer months, your local grocery store will have an abundance of variety in fruits, vegetables and seasonal herbs. In most regions, you can buy a dozen sweet yellow corn for just a few dollars, or a watermelon for the same. Berries are in season, with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry seasons spanning almost the entire summer. Particularly devoted fresh food lovers will find it easy to obtain vegetable and herb plants for their outdoor gardens, and even the magazine rack in the checkout aisle will be packed with summer-themed cookbooks. Don’t be afraid to try something new! The plethora of seasonal produce available to you is a much healthier dinner option than any prepackaged meal.

2. Think Local

Not only will your grocery store be well stocked with seasonal, fresh products, but chances are your local farmer’s market is open for business. There was a time when farmer’s markets were little more than roadside stands, manned by a few farmers selling tomatoes and the occasional jam. Today, farmer’s markets offer a wealth of produce, some even organic. Vendors may be selling healthy baked goods, and even arts and crafts. Don’t underestimate the local produce market. You’re almost sure to find what you need to prepare a healthy meal.

3. Consider the Smoothie

With the rise in temperature, you may be craving a cold, creamy snack. Now that you’ve shopped your local markets and your refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruits, consider making a simple and healthy smoothie. You can use vegetables or fruits, but for a protein rich snack that tastes great, try combining 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 cup milk, 1 whole banana and 3 tablespoons of peanut butter in a blender. Add ice to the consistency you desire, and enjoy! Be creative with your recipes, and again, don’t hesitate to try new combinations. You may find the tomato plum and mango smoothie that you created to be your absolute favorite!

4. Uncover Your Grill

Some of the healthiest meals can be prepared on your grill. Because the excess fats are allowed to drain from even the fattiest cuts of meat, the content is significantly reduced, allowing you to enjoy leaner, healthier meats. Whether you choose steaks, burgers, pork or even fish, grilling your food is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while making healthy food. Corn can be grilled by placing the ears, including the husk, directly onto the grill rack. Vegetables can be grilled directly on the rack, or as an alternative, try drizzling them with a bit of olive oil and wrapping them in aluminum foil pouches. Place the pouches on the grill rack while you cook your meat. No matter what you choose to cook, grilling is both healthy and fun.

5. Use Your Smoker

If you’re not keen on the idea of standing outside in the heat by a fired up grill, a smoker may be a better option for you. There are several ways to smoke meat, including cold and heat smoking. However, cold smoking requires a great deal of salt and is therefore a less healthy option than using a charcoal or electric smoker. If you don’t yet have one, you can research the best electric smoker online. Electric smokers are generally preferable to charcoal because the temperature is regulated and they do not require you to constantly check them. Any food which can be cooked on a grill may also be cooked on a smoker. A great resource for information, reviews and ideas can be found at Electric Smoker Central. Although smoking foods is a lengthier process than grilling them, you will have time to spend with your family and friends while your food practically cooks itself.

No matter how you choose to liven up your summertime meals, remember that fresh food is, as a general rule, healthier than packaged meals. Trips to the farmer’s market, or a grilling or smoking cookout can also prove to be great opportunities to catch up with a friend or neighbors. Plan a pot luck cookout, and challenge everyone to bring one new item they’ve never tried. Or host a grillside picnic with your spouse as the guest of honor. Most importantly, enjoy your food and have fun!

Enroute To A Successful Working Mom

Being a working mom puts a million concerns in your head simultaneously; mostly none of them turns out to be about you. Did you submit that annual project report to your boss in time? Did your kids eat properly before heading off to nursery? Did you find those hostgator coupon codes for your company’s new website? Is it time to start those piano lessons you always wanted your daughter to take?

It is fairly understood your work demands and schedules, topped with the needs of your kids, leave you little room to worry about yourself. But squeezing in just bits of workout schedules here and there can give you the quality of life you always wanted. Being a working mom does not give you an excuse to slack off when it comes to your health and fitness. This post is for all the working moms out there who ignore their fitness just because they don’t have time for themselves and are worried about putting on weight. Our job is to teach you to make exercising possible even when you don’t have a moment to spare.

Begin with setting achievable goals:

Set a basic amount of work-out time. You need to begin with minimum time every day and minimum days every week to make exercising achievable for you.

Try to set an early morning routine. Wake up before rest of the house does and your mom duties begin. Working out in the early morning is always more efficient as it maximizes your weight loss by burning calories during the day when you are busy with work or kids.

Make your kids a part of your workout. The markets are flooded with the best double jogging strollers these days. Take your toddlers out to the park in their stroller, where they spend quality time with each other or nap, while their mommy jogs.

Take what you can get:

You begin with picking an exercise that is convenient because you are not at liberty to choose an exercise that is your favorite. You have to take what you can get. Most working moms find running the most convenient form of exercise. All you have to do is put on your shoes and start running as soon as you step out of the house. If you have to run errands in the neighborhood, avoid taking your car and jog! This saves you the commute to a gym and you get to utilize the time in exercising that you would have otherwise spent driving to the gym.

Have a gym in your building? Use it. When you are getting back from work, before you enter your house, hit the gym. Work out at a stretch before you go home and get caught up in the distractions. Once you go home, there are a million chores lined up for you that never let you get away from the house again until it is time to go to work again the next day. If nothing else works, start working out in your lounge. Get subscriptions for those fitness channels or get DVDs with workout sessions recorded.

Do not let your fitness take a backseat to your work obligations or motherhood duties. Your well-being and fitness is just as important for you as your kids and work. For you to be able to give your best to the kids and focus on the work, you need to be in the best shape and stay fit.

Health Benefits of Rebounding

Everybody knows that cardiovascular exercise is a key part of leading a healthy life, keeping fit, and keeping your heart in good condition. There are so many ways you can do cardio, including walking, jogging, swimming, spinning, rowing, some styles of yoga/pilates, and plenty of others. One style that is making it’s way back into the fitness industry is called rebounding.

What is rebounding?

Essentially “rebounding” is exercise jumping on a trampoline. In theory, this could be on a full scale trampoline that you could have in your backyard, but mostly people rebound using small personal trampolines that they can set up in their own living room, or in a gym studio.

What are the benefits of rebounding?

Rebounding provides plenty of benefits to the person preforming it, which is why it is (re)gaining popularity with the fitness crowd.

One of the biggest plusses of jumping on a trampoline is that this type of exercise is very easy on the joints. Considered “low impact” rebounding is great for people with injury prone joints who find running or jogging painful, and who don’t want to go through the hassle of going to a swimming pool each time they want to exercise.

Rebounding is fun! People say that the best type of exercise is the type that you enjoy, and jumping on a trampoline is just plain fun. Don’t confuse ‘fun’ with ‘easy’ though, because following along with an instructional DVD or taking a group rebounding class (pretty common at most large gyms) will work up a sweat like a step class or a spin session. Anybody over the weight of 110lbs can easily burn over 100 calories in 20 minutes with gentle rebounding. Pushing yourself to jumping harder will only burn more calories, so imagine 45 minutes to an hour of this!

Your lymphatic system will love you for it! Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to get your lymphatic system working and flush toxins out of your body, boosting your immune system. Just from jumping on a trampoline? Yes.

Help your body get rid of dead cells, carcinogenic cells, heavy metals, unwanted fats and a whole host of other potentially harmful toxins by rebounding on a regular basis. Even starting with 15 minutes a day is a great way to get your lymphatic system stimulated and working.

Rebounding helps reduce stress. Apart from the fun that rebounding provides at the time, exercising on a rebounder helps lower stress levels by expending pent up energy and helping the body release endorphins, which keep you in a happy, stable mood! Not only is stress reduced through this type of exercise, but it is also beneficial to the nervous system.

Believe it or not, rebounding is a good way to increase bone density and strengthen the skeletal system. This is achieved by putting G-force stress on the body through the jumping action. NASA has actually done a number of studies on rebounding and put their astronauts on a rebounding program to keep their bones strong for when they go into the weightlessness of space.

Rebounding aids in improving digestion. The action of jumping is actually a great stimulant for your digestive system, helping keep your body digesting optimally.

While these are just a few benefits of rebounding, there are dozens of other reasons to try this fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise. Check in your local fitness centers for rebounding classes if you are interested in trying it out! If you feel more comfortable exercising at home, you can find rebounders at any major retailer (department stores, or Wal-Mart) but you can also purchase rebounders online through a trusted trampoline retailer.

Try rebounding today!

Correct Your Posture for the Drive or Pay for It.

4 Ways to Improve Your Posture While Driving.

We all know the health risks associated with poor posture and what it can do to you over the long-term course of your life—depression, shortened life expectancy, lower blood circulation, and skeletal and muscular problems. Worse even are the effects of having poor posture for prolonged periods of time, such as when driving.

Method 1: Identify Good Posture, Then Emulate It.

Having good posture is something as simple as keeping your body in alignment. What is alignment? Imagine a single point starting in your earlobe; now take that point and start to draw a line straight down. If you can draw a line from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee, down to the middle of your ankle—you’ve formed good posture. Knowing how to find your perfect posture is essential as well, so be sure to do a little research on what proper posture is for you.

Method 2: Do Stretches/Exercise.

Stretching and exercise can greatly help with a sore back or neck caused by poor posture and/or jobs that require lots of sitting. Stretching helps to loosen and activate muscles that lie dormant and typically unused throughout the day, and exercise helps strengthen and elongate those muscles that hold your body in a position for proper posture. Consult your doctor about beginning some form of light daily stretches or exercise to improve your posture.

Method 3: Yoga.

Want to be more flexible? Have more circulation? Then do yoga. Yoga has been known for centuries in the East to have innumerable health benefits for the body that are just now beginning to become understood by science. Of those benefits, the main reasons you want to do yoga are:
• Naturally improved posture
• Better toned and healthy muscular system, and
• Improved circulation
As with any physical exercise program, consult your doctor before beginning one.

Method 4: Get Yourself a Posture Corrector.

The last method of improving your posture is what is known as a posture corrector. A posture corrector is a garment, not unlike an ankle brace which helps to support and stabilize that part of your anatomy, that is used to keep posture upright while supporting the muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders. They are offered in medical cases to support the muscles responsible for good posture, and can also be used in general situations where long periods of sitting may occur.

They are generally useful in almost all situations and provide the support many aching, injured, or elderly individuals need in their day-to-day life. Make sure you the right posturecorrector before making a decision on what is the best way for you to go about correcting your posture and improving your health.

Is Your Posture Giving You Headaches?

Can your posture be causing you headaches? Science says yes. Well, not directly anyway, but the secondary effects of your poor posture may be what’s giving you that strain in your head.


Although the direct causes of headaches are unknown, it is believed that they can be caused by stress, poor circulation, and tension in the body, among other things. The easiest way to remedy headaches are to remedy what may have caused the aliments in the first place. Starting with:


Is stress giving you bad posture, or is your bad posture giving you stress? It could be both. Stress is a part of daily life and cannot be avoided, although it can be managed and reduced. Living in a state of chronic stress has been shown to add wear and tear to your body. In higher numbers, stress is also being linked to a wide variety of medical conditions, including both headaches and migraines. Headaches can generally trigger more stress, which worsens pain, and creates a never-ending cycle.

While bad posture cannot solely be responsible for stress and the resulting headaches, it can be a contributing factor. The WebMd site has great ways to reduce stress.
Poor Circulation.

Poor blood circulation has been show to impact the brain. This impact goes as far as to cause fatigue, potential memory loss, dizziness, and headaches. It is commonly known that poor posture can cause poor circulation throughout the body and restrict the flow of blood—and nutrients—to the brain, potentially causing headaches.

Tension in the Body.

Tension in the body ties into poor circulation and stress as your overall body environment is tense and strained, adding to the potential for you to develop a headache. It is all-too-common for those who experience frequent tension in their bodies, backs, and necks to have chronic headaches.

Ways to Relieve Bad Posture Headaches.

The simplest ways to relieve headaches that may be caused by the side-effects of improper posture are to “correct your posture.” There are many ways to do this, the easiest and least time-consuming way being a posture corrector. Posture correctors help to support your back muscles while aligning your back and spine without the need for time-consuming stretches or exercise.

Other excellent ways to naturally correct poor posture are to:
• Study what proper posture is—do some online research as to what proper posture is and how you can incorporate it into your life.
• Consult your doctor about an exercise program or daily regimen of stretches to strengthen supporting muscles which help create an aligned posture.
• Begin a yoga program to increase flexibility, muscle tone and strength, and the ability to maintain a proper posture (the health benefits of yoga also treat many causes of headaches).

Overall, by combining these methods and improving your posture, you will set yourself up for avoiding headaches as well as other potential health risks that may be associated with poor posture.


The Slow Carb Diet

The Slow Carb Diet has been in the forefront a few years ago – in 2010 to be exact – as a result of the publication of the “Four Hour Body”. The book was written by Tim Ferris, and contains a series of tips on how to be more healthy by changing a few simple things. Most of the tips are life hacks, they are solutions that go against the conventional wisdom, but work regardless.

Let’s take a look on the pieces of advice advocated by the author as part of the slow carb diet, and weather they work or not.

Before I start talking about the rules of the slow carb diet, I want to remind you that no diet is complete without the proper exercise routine. Exercising compliments your diet nicely, it keeps your muscles in tone, and your cardiovascular system healthy. Consult with your general practitioner before you start exercising, or you start a new dietary routine. Just like you would buy the best ingredients when preparing a dish, you also need the best equipment for playing sports. I go running every day to stay healthy, and it worked very well so far for me. I got my equipment for working out from Jog of Your Life.

The first and most important pillar of the slow carb diet is the eating of thirty grams of protein thirty minutes after waking up, also called the ‘thirty in thirty’ rule. It is alright to eat your protein in an hour after waking up if you like to work out after getting out of bed, but never wait for longer. If you don’t eat breakfast your metabolism is not going to start, your body will go into conservation mode, holding on to every little bit of energy. Once you have a meal your body will be unequipped to burn the energy, and it will all be stored.

The most common foods for breakfast include spinach, eggs, lentils, lean meat like chicken, or fish. Mackerels and kippers are are my favorite breakfast food to have with a bit of spinach and a few pieces of mushrooms. A handful of spinach, two whole kippers and three or four pieces of mushroom contains approximately the thirty grams of protein you need for breakfast.

One of the biggest mistake most people make when they are on a diet is that they eat too many calories. Extensive consumption of beer, fizzy drinks and fruit juices results in excess calorie intake, that makes it very hard to loose weight. You mustn’t drink calories when you are on the slow carb diet. Drink plenty of water instead, at least three liters a day. This not only keeps you hydrated, but helps remove the toxic materials from your body.

You can’t eat white bread products when on the slow carb diet. These are filled with hard to process ingredients, that cause a sugar high when you eat them. You must not eat sugar, even putting a cube into your coffee is forbidden.

The best day of the week if you are on the slow carb diet is Sunday, the infamous cheat day. On this day anything goes, you can eat whatever you desire, no matter how much sugar it contains.

So far the slow carb diet has worked wonders for me. I have lost twenty pounds in five weeks. Obviously running helped a lot, but I couldn’t loose weight before I started the slow carb diet despite working out at least five times a week. I recommend trying out the diet, I hope it will work just as well for you as it did for me.

The Many Health Benefits of an Electric Smoker

??????????????????Cooking food outdoors has been a longtime tradition for families. In addition to the food being noticeably tastier, you’ll find an electric smoker to be considered an even healthier method of food preparation through the following benefits.


Whether you’re dealing with heart disease, high-cholesterol or diabetes and taking medication, maintaining a healthy diet can be crucial to your health and wellness. Consuming the right balance of foods can prove beneficial to keeping your numbers in control.

Food preparation can also play a key role in retaining key nutrients. An electric smoker is a method of cooking that utilizes smoke instead of charcoal flames to cook your food. Because the actual flame never touches the meal, you won’t have to worry about carcinogens like you would in charcoal cooked foods. You’ll want to get the best electric smoker for your needs, and some models are extremely versatile cooking anything almonds to smoking whole turkeys.

This slower method of preparation may take longer than traditional cooking, but it also allows the nutrients to become sealed inside, so you can gain the most benefits from the foods you eat. When you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure in check, nutrient absorption from vegetables can help prevent the diseases or keep them from getting worse. It can also cut down on the amount of fat that your meat contains if prepared the right way. An electric smoker can also help kill bacteria and other foodborne illnesses.

Boost the Flavor

To infuse the food and make it even more aromatic and tasty, there are various types of wood chips that can be used in the electric smoker. Whether you grill vegetables, smoke salmon, ribs, chicken or macaroni and cheese, you’ll find that woods such as oak or hickory to help transform your meals from bland to fab.


Wood often used in an electric smoker contains important compounds that are crucial in producing anti-oxidants in the body. Without the proper anti-oxidants, your body is left vulnerable to getting sick. Compounds such as phenolic and phenol when transmitted through the smoke can help cleanse the body and keep your immune system protected and strong. If you suffer from serious ailments, this can help strengthen your body and improve the way it fights cancers and diseases.

Better Enzyme Functioning

Whether it’s salmon, veggies or meat, cooking over high heat by grilling or frying the food can destroy the important enzymes that are needed for the body to function properly. Boiling is just as volatile to the cooking process as it bleaches and overcooks the foods that you consume. If you’re looking to lose weight by eating healthy and nutritious meals, the electric smoker has been shown to produce foods that are rich in enzymes.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

The healthy way that the electric smoker cooks your food can be teamed with an exercise program that will allow you to lose weight and feel better over the months ahead. An electric smoker imparts amazing smoky flavor to healthy foods while providing an outlet to cook them without the use of artery-clogging oils, butter, and other fats.

With this new way of living, you should find that your triglyceride levels will fall, thereby lowering the bad cholesterol in your body when you begin to incorporate healthy foods into your daily diet. The results may even offset the unhealthy effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. You may find that your doctor will take you off daily medicines for these diseases as your health improves.

Choosing the Right Electric Smoker

You’ll want to buy a smoker that will give you the best grilling experience, and many can be researched online. One of the best electric smokers for your money can be reviewed on Electric Smoker Central. The model that got great reviews and was the choice of experts is the Bradley Smokers Original Out of all the smokers on the market, it is considered one of the best.

The smoker gets high marks by reviewers for an authentic experience that’s very close to cooking out on a traditional grill. The charcoal of the unit burns hot and seals in juices, and the charcoal smoke is suited well for low and slow cooking.

The rich, deep flavor of foods cooked with an electric smoker can be a culinary delight for many. In addition to the taste, you’ll find considerable health advantages to this unique method of cooking that can prove favorable when you’re looking to lose weight, eat a healthy diet and get your cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes under control.

Do You Suffer From Laptop Slouch?

Do you find that you suffer from back or neck pain after long periods of time typing on your laptop? If so, then it’s just possible that you might be suffering from “laptop slouch”.

Correct posture is important when operating any computer – but it’s easier to achieve this when using a desktop than it is when using a laptop. Ideally, you should be seated with your back straight with your arms bent at right angle at the elbow and resting horizontally on the work surface which your computer is on. The monitor should be at eye level and you should be looking straight ahead without inclining your neck.

It’s relatively easy to arrange this position when you’re using a desktop computer – but because the keyboard and the display of a laptop are joined at the hinge, it’s much more difficult to achieve with this type of computer.

If you watch someone using a laptop on a desk, you’ll notice that, even if they get their arms in the right position relative to the work surface, they still have to lean forward and duck their head so that they can see the laptop display. In a similar way, anyone using their laptop balanced on their knee will tend to slump forward so that they can both access the QWERTY keyboard and see the display.

Adopting either of these “slouchy” positions for any length of time may well lead to back and/or neck pain, possibly along with other problems if this position is maintained in the long term. It’s a growing problem as more and more people are using laptops in preference to desktops these days.

One way to avoid this is to use a dedicated laptop docking station along with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. That can be a little expensive of course, but most people would consider it to be a wise investment if it helps to avoid neck and back pain.

You can also use a laptop stand if you wish. This holds the laptop at an angle and raises the display height until it is in the correct position, level with your eyes. You still need an external keyboard and a mouse, but these are relatively inexpensive.

Laptop stands of this type start for less than $10. You should be able to get a keyboard and a mouse for less than $30. All things considered, it’s a small price to pay to avoid back pain and other potential health problems.

As an added bonus, laptop stands also act as laptop cooling pads. They allow lots of free space behind the angled base of the laptop for cooling air to circulate and enter the laptop cooling vents. You’ll be keeping your laptop cool and reducing your own back and neck discomfort at the same time.

You can even get special laptop cooling stands which have fans built into the laptop base support. These cost a little more, but they provide a lot of extra cooling.

So, if you want to avoid laptop slouch, protect your back and neck, whilst simultaneously keeping your laptop cool, have a look at laptop cooling stands. Be sure to choose one which has a wide range of adjustment (most of them do) so that you can position your laptop just right for you.