Health Benefits of Having Clean Filters

frequent headaches

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Poor indoor air quality poses a serious health concern. In fact, Indoor air pollution is among the top environmental health risks. There are many factors that may contribute to poor indoor air quality like carpets, dirt, dust and smoke. Breathing these pollutants daily can cause itchy eyes, scratchy throats, frequent headaches and respiratory problems. An improved air quality can keep away these health risks. Continue reading

Health – A Basic Human Right

I believe we all have basic human rights food, shelter, and the other basic rights. But beyond this basic rights there is something more important, and that is health. It is absolutely astounding how much improvement we as humans can make on our health and nutrition. In fact health should be a basic human right. Something that every human being can count on. Something they can expect. Continue reading

Can I Lose Weight by Following a Juicing Diet?

There has been a lot of talks about juicing diet. So, if you are like me and are wondering is this diet works, you are in the right place. I have done some research on the matter and I will share with you what I have learned.

Before I share the facts with you, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before embarking in any new diet. Your doctor is the best person to tell you if the juicing diet is right for you or not. It is even more important to get your doctor’s permission if you are taking medecine .

The good thing about the juicing diet is that it can be a good thing for those who are having trouble eating their fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It is not always to eat your 5 fruits and vegetables everyday, so by doing the juicing, you are getting the right portions of fruits and vegetables that you need for the day. You should still try to eat fruits and vegetables as well at times. Don’t think that just because you are doing the juicing that you don’t need to eat them.

When you do juicing depending on the machine that you use, you may not get all the fibers as some juicing machines don’t extract the pulp from your fruits. What you can do to remedy that is to put back some or all the pulp back into your juice.

Do you need to invest in a Juicing Machine?

It is a good idea to invest in a good juicing machine . These machines can cost anywhere from 40 dollars to 500 dollars. Some of the best juicing machines on the market are able to break down the seeds and more. You don’t necessarily have to use a juicing machine to make your juice, you can use a blender as well, but it won’t the work as best as the juicing machine. With the blender , you will need to remove some of the skins, rinds and the seeds.

When you are juicing, make sure you watch out for calories. The more fruits you add, the more calories you will have. Instead of adding a lot of fruits, make sure to add some greens and a couple of fruits. If you want your juice to be even healthier, you might want to add some proteins. For example, you can add, almond milk, Greek yogurt, whey protein, flax seeds and peanut butter.

Can I really Lose Weight on the Juice Diet?

The thing with the juice diet is that it can work if you add protein and other key ingredients to your diet as well as exercise, but if you do a juice only diet, you might find yourself craving sugar and other foods that are not too good for you. A juice only diet is extreme. The best thing to do is to add it on top of eating other right foods and exercise. Eating fruits and veggies or juicing fruits help with your immune system, that’s the evidence when it comes to juicing. I would do juicing, but not to lose weight. I would do the juicing as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Advantages of using natural shampoo

A lot of people must have heard of the different kinds of benefits that you might get from purchasing an organic produce product, but at the same time not a lot of these people know about the benefits that you might get from the usage or natural shampoo. If you are one of those people who are always worried about consuming potentially toxic chemicals then you can imagine the damage it could do onto your scalp. But with the use of organic shampoo you won’t have to worry about such a situation, as just like different kinds of natural food s, natural shampoo is also free of such toxins.
There are a lot of other different kinds of advantage that you might get by using natural shampoos and most of them are as follows

• Allergies
From the usage of natural shampoos thee are very less chances that you might get any kind of allergy, as it doesn’t contain any kind of toxic chemicals and is nonirritant, but there are times when there can be a few expectations made. For example if you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients that can be found within the shampoo, then only there is a high chance that you might feel some kind of skin irritation. This is why it is always a good idea to always check the different ingredients that is within the shampoo, either its natural shampoo or not.

• The Ingredients used in natural shampoo
Normal commercial shampoos usually contain very harsh detergents within them, although these detergents do give the “bubbly” lather to the shampoo but at the same time also strips your hair from its natural oils, at the same time these ingredients have also proven to reduce the size of the hairs follicles, start skin irritation, disrupts the oil glands in your head and dries out your scalp, thus all leading to hair loss. As now days many people are becoming aware of this issue they are moving towards natural shampoos.
While these commercial shampoos have ingredients that could easily ruin your hair, natural shampoos have ingredients that could prove to be quite healthy for your hair and scalp. Some of these common ingredients that are found in such natural shampoos are chamomile, organic tea tree oils, vitamin B5, vitamin E, citric acids, soy proteins, coconut oil and rock salt.

• The Effects of using natural shampoos
The different ingredients as discussed above in natural shampoos prove to be quite gentler on both your hair as well as you scalp, and at the same time you will notice that your hair feels much healthier than before.

• Hair growth after the usage of natural shampoos
The ingredients that are used within these natural shampoo doesn’t only make your scalp and existing hair more healthier but at the same time you would notice that it also helps in promoting new hair growth, while in the case of non-organic shampoos the chemicals used can damage the hair and slow down the process of hair growth, if it doesn’t stop the production.

• Hair becomes much more healthier after the usage of natural shampoo
When you decide to change from a non-organic shampoo to an organic shampoo both your hair as well as your scalp would feel more rejuvenated. This happens because you stop providing your hair and your scalp with harmful chemicals and instead provide it with different kinds of vitamins and natural oils. By using natural shampoos you will not only improve the health of your scalp and hair but at the same time prolong your hairs life unlike with the use of non-organic shampoos which could make you hair unhealthy, frayed and dried.

5 Tips For Building More Muscle

Building more muscle is the dream of many who step into gyms all around the world. Unfortunately, being able to do this can prove to be a daunting challenge and over time, many may become frustrated and just give up. Regardless of what you may have read in the fitness magazines, building muscle really isn’t that complicated. Building muscle doesn’t have to be so hard if you just know some facts on the matter. Once you know the facts, you can begin to see results in the gym in as little as a few weeks. Follow these 5 tips and you will be well on your way to building muscle and being flocked with questions from your peers about how you did it.

1) Stick To A Plan

This one is up first because it’s the culprit to many people’s muscle building goals. You have to give a program some time to see results.  Therefore ditching your training program after a few weeks because you don’t think it’s working is cutting off your gains before they can even start.

A few weeks on a training program is not enough time to garner results or gauge if a program is effective. You need to give a training program at least 8-12 weeks to analyze if program has worked for you. If you don’t, you will just be jumping from program to program. If you do get any results, you simply won’t know exactly what it was that you were doing to get those results.

 Take some measurements before you start a program, test your strength in various exercises, test body fat, weight and take measurements on body parts you’re looking to improve on. Then after 8-12 weeks, test these all again and see how you have progressed. Then you can truly know if a program is working for you or not.

2) Nutrition Is Key

No matter what training program you use, it is vital to keep your diet in check.  If your nutrition is not good, then your results will be underwhelming to say the least. In fact, it’s been stated that any results you get in the gym are 80% attributed to your nutrition during that time.

 You want to consume protein because this is the nutrient that ignites protein synthesis, which is the process that actually builds muscle. But you don’t have to get crazy with the amount of protein you consume like some fitness gurus and magazines will suggest. All you need is 1-1.3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight that you weigh. Spread this out over 4-5 meals and you will be fine.

You’ll also want to consume enough carbs to fuel your workouts, and this amount is dependent on each individual’s needs. Start with 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight and see how that treats you. If you feel lagging in your workouts, then up that amount a bit. If you start gaining some unwanted fat, then cut this amount back a bit.

Fats are also important, especially for men as this is related to testosterone and other hormone production. Be sure to get in at least 40 grams, but for many it can be up to 60-70 grams. Remember that consuming fat does not lead to fat gain. Eating too many calories in general does this. Fats are more calorie dense so cutting back on a little fat can go a long ways.

 3) Supplements Do Help

When your training is solid along with your nutrition, then supplements will help greatly with building more muscle. They are not magic pills like many ads and magazines will lead you to believe though. Supplements can help you lift more weight in the gym and recover quicker from your workouts. If you’re lifting more weight and recovering quicker between workouts, then your muscle gains will increase more rapidly.

 The best supplement to help you in the gym is creatine, more specifically creatine monohydrate. This is the most studied and proven effective supplement out there. Creatine helps you to lift more weight during your workouts by giving your muscles more energy to use. This means you move more weight and build more muscle. But not all supplements are created equal. You will want the best creatine monohydrate that you can find. Look for creatine supplements that are pure and do not have a lot of fillers.

Along with creatine, you will want to take branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) as this will help you to recover from your workouts. BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and the more of these you consume, the quicker your muscles will recover between workouts, allowing you to work that muscle again sooner. Just like creatine though, you will want to find the best bcaa supplement you can. You want a bcaa that is high in leucine content, as this is the main amino acid that aids in muscle recovery and growth.

Men out there may also be interested in something to help boost testosterone levels as this will lend to increased recovery as well. Just be careful when selecting and looking for the best testosterone boosters out there that it’s something you are comfortable with taking as some of these can be quite extreme. Also remember that they are not necessary to build muscle, just something that could possibly help.

 4) Vary Your Rep Ranges

Many people will begin to see results in the gym, but then their results will begin to lag because of one simple reason: Your body will adjust to what you’re doing to it. If you are always doing the same workout with the same rep ranges, then your body will adjust and become accustomed to it. For many, this is lifting in the hallowed 8-12 rep range. But don’t be afraid to increase reps to 15, 20 and even up to 30 reps.

 The most effective way to do this would be to lift in the 8-12 rep range for 4 weeks, and then increase the reps to 15 reps for the next 4 weeks. Then the next 4 weeks, vary your reps on things anywhere from 8-25. This will keep your body guessing and your gains coming along.

5) Don’t Give Up

Building muscle is a journey and it’s not always a linear process. There can be many reasons why muscle growth may stall, but don’t give up. Being a student of your own body is something that can lend to your success along the way. You may notice certain exercises don’t work for you like they do other people, and if that’s the case, stick to the exercises that work for you. Every body is different so things that work for some may not work for you.

 Keeping a journal is a great tool to keep track things that work and things that don’t. Come back to your journal when you’re designing a new training program and update it regularly. It may seem tedious, but it will help you immensely over time.

This is just a starting off point for those that are looking to get into the gym and build that body that you have always wanted. Keep gaining more knowledge and learn your body as you go along this journey. Just remember no matter what level of success you attain, there is always more to learn and more muscle to build.

Why Choose LPN Online Programs?

Technology has really made life easier for us. Nowadays, you do not have to sit in front of a lecture to learn. Why? This is because you can now learn online. This is possible with the help of licensed LPN online programs. The best thing about online programs is that students can study without compromising their jobs. It allows flexible study hours.

The Pros of Studying Online

LPN (licensed practical nurse) training program will allow you to complete your program in two years or even as early as 12 months. The best part is it does not have to be very expensive. Many online programs offer the most competitive rates and a high-quality level of educational programs for.

Make sure that you go for quality education when enrolling for these programs. With the help of professional instructors, relevant curriculum taught through online technology such as video conferencing, chats online modules, you will be on your way to achieving your nursing degree.

Often, online programs advised students that while they are getting online LPN degree, they have to be associated with medical facility in order to complete practical training as well. Most universities with these programs lay these guidelines.

Practical Nursing Online Programs

One of the areas where online learning programs have gained a lot of popularity is in the nursing field. If you want to become a nurse there are several online programs that you can enroll with to get started with your dream career. Given the number of such programs; it is vital that you are careful so that you do not end up in the hands of scammers..

Most of the areas where these online programs are offered are in vocational schools, community colleges, private medical institutions as well as reputable universities. These are the top online programs if you want to study nursing. You will be able to get a lot of opportunities once you are done with this career. You will be able to get employed in hospitals just like your fellow nurses who went the normal way of studying. You can also get work in mental facilities, nursing home, and outpatient clinic among others. You will not miss an opportunity to get employed by taking LPN programs. If you have decided that you are going to become a nurse, then you should be prepared for all the stress ahead. However, you will also get rewards for your work.

The growing need for specialized and skilled nurses simply means more jobs and higher salary. This fastest growing profession assisted several hospitals, healthcare and living centers. If you would like to save money while getting quality education, then you should opt for LPN online programs. If you want to increase your chances of getting a good salary as well as get employed immediately, then you should opt for an LPN license.

Do not hesitate to enroll in LPN programs. Be reminded about getting thorough research so that you get the best program possible. Make sure that the institution you decided to enroll meets the requirements and should be legit.

5 Little-Known Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer kills millions of people every year, but a growing number of researchers are convinced that these numbers can be significantly reduced with the right diet. Some foods are actually known for their cancer-fighting properties.

Some of these foods may be a little bit exotic and may not be easily found in your neighborhood grocery store, but with the Internet, they are now more accessible. Some of these foods on the other hand, are actually quite common, but the problem is that most people don’t seem to realize that they can fight off cancer as well.

1. Guanabana.

The interest over guanabana as a cancer-fighting agent has recently increased in the US and other Western countries, but its use as a weapon against cancer has long been an SOP in countries like Peru. In Peru, the regard for this cancer-fighting fruit is so strong that it is used in conjunction with chemotherapy as well as in the surgical removal of tumors.

Western science first learned of the cancer-fighting ability of guanabana back in 1976, when the National Cancer Institute studied this fruit and found that the stems and leaves were “incredibly efficient at destroying certain cancerous cells in the body.” A study published in the Journal of Natural Products said that a chemical in guanabana was discovered to selectively eradicate colon cancer cells at ten thousand times the potency of Adriamycin, a widely used chemotherapy drug. And the best part is, it also leaves the healthy cells untouched.

A more recent Purdue University study followed, which stated that the leaves were especially effective against pancreatic, prostate and lung cancers. Even the skeptical Cancer Research UK acknowledged that in laboratory studies, guanabana extracts have shown to have the ability to kill some types of breast and liver cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy drugs.

2. Lemongrass.

This is a very common ingredient in Thai cuisine, and it is widely available in South America and Southeast Asia. One study conducted by the Ben Gurion University in Israel reported that lemongrass caused
apoptosis (or programmed cell death) in cancer cells.

3. Red wine.

Unlike the first two on this list, red wine isn’t exactly difficult to find. But it’s not really the drink of choice in the US, a nation of soda and beer drinkers. Maybe there’ll be a lot more red wine aficionados when it becomes more widely known that wine can help prevent cancer as well when you drink it in moderation.

A growing number of scientists have joined the ranks of those who recommend a glass of red wine daily as a way to help prevent cancer and to improve the health of the circulatory system as well. Red wine is rich in resveratrol and this chemical has demonstrated an ability to suppress the metabolites that are associated with cancer growth.

4. Green tea.

This drink is quite popular in Japan, although sadly, it’s not as well-liked in the US. Also, most people are unaware that the drink contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and catechins which suppress the growth of cancer cells. Part of the problem of drinking green tea in the US is that real green tea is extremely rare. What’s more available are green tea drinks which don’t really contain green tea, or green tea mixes that contain a lot of other teas designed to mask the natural bitterness of green tea.

5. Chocolate.

While a lot of studies do show that a lot of chocolate products are inherently unhealthy, those studies don’t really apply to dark chocolate which contains at least 70% cocoa. In general, you want the chocolate to be as natural tasting (bitter) as possible. Cocoa contains catechins which fights cancer, and it also contains antioxidants as well.

White Wine’s Powerful Secret – How a Glass a Day Can Improve Your Health

Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly is great, but without indulging yourself every now and then, life would become bland and boring pretty quickly. For wine lovers, it has always been red wine that has been touted for real health benefits, with white wine being a neglected second, not being considered to contain the same nutrients as it’s darker cousin. But, in actuality, this is untrue. White wine actually does possess strong benefits when consumed in moderation (as all wine should be).

A recent study published in the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry compared the antioxidant potency of both red and white wine and found that both packed an equally strong punch when it came to preventing clogged arteries and improving heart function. White wine, it was found, had a similar antioxidant composition to that of high quality olive oil, with European wines originating from France, Germany and Italy possessing the greatest benefits. Reservatol is well known as being an antioxidant present in red wine; white wine contains two other antioxidants, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, that together give white wine as strong a nutritional benefit as red.

For white wine enthusiasts there is even more good news; a recent study published by the university of Barcelona in Spain claims that white wine may have even more nutritional benefits than red wine. So overall, for wine lovers everywhere, the news is that no matter what you fancy, there is a wine out there that is both delicious and good for you.

Given the wide variety of white wines available, lets delve a little deeper into the nutritional composition of white wine, to see which types provide the most benefits.

White wine is lower in carbohydrates than red wine, with an average 6 oz glass containing 2.6g of carbs. That same glass also contains on average 3% of your daily intake of magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2 and Niacin, and 1% of Riboflavin along with trace elements of Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Zinc <click here for more info>. So that’s a pretty powerful mix in one simple glass.

However, there are a few things that affect the nutritional benefit of a glass of wine. One of them is alcohol content, the other is residual sugar. White wine that has an alcohol content of between 12 and 14% will tend to be drier and therefore have less calories than sweeter wine, which has a lower alcohol content but is higher in residual sugar. The general rule is that the sweeter your wine is, the higher the calorie content of each glass, meaning that drier wines tend to also be the healthiest. However, just because a wine is dry does not mean that is isn’t full of hidden calories. Fortified wines such as Sherry or Port, for example, contain an alcohol content of between 18-20%, and this added strength greatly increases the average calorie content of each glass.

So then what conclusions can be made when trying to purchase a white wine that is both low in calories and high in nutrients? Think of this as a general rule: alcohol contains more calories than sugar, so a bottle with a high percentage will, obviously, be higher in calories. However, one must also take into account the level of residual sugar in the bottle. Wines that are considered sweet have a high amount of sugar in the bottle, sometimes containing as much as 300g per litre. When the sugar level is that high, the calorie content also increases, so that even if a sweet wine is low in alcohol, the high sugar content will cause it to be high in calories as well. However sweet white wines are also frequently made using concentrated grapes, so there could be a trade off, that higher sugar can also equal higher nutrients. This is good news for people who enjoy a nice dessert wine such as ice wine in moderation.

For ultimate health benefits, choose a wine that is either dry or semi dry and with an alcohol percentage no more than 14%. But regardless of your preferences, the health benefits of white wine are well known, and this does include all brands of white wine.

Happy Wine tasting!

7 Common Foods That Fight Cancer

Cancer is one of the most lethal diseases on the planet and it affects millions of people every year. While part of cancer prevention is staying away from cigarette smoking and excessive exposure to the sun, a diet that includes cancer-fighting foods can also reduce the risk of cancer.

Fortunately, these foods aren’t hard to find. In fact, they are actually quite common; so there’s no reason not to include at least one of them in your daily meals.

1. Asparagus.

The greatest thing about asparagus isn’t just the taste or the fact that it can be prepared in many different ways. Asparagus is also packed with lots of nutrients and many of these nutrients have cancer-fighting properties.

Asparagus is a great source of folate and according to a report from the American Institute for Cancer Research, folate is linked to lowered risks for several types of cancers, including cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, and colon. Asparagus also contains beta-carotene and vitamin C, and these have been linked to cancer prevention as well.

2. Tomatoes.

The color of the tomato is triggered by the presence of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant, and recent studies have demonstrated that it can reduce the risk for prostate cancer. These studies even indicate that this cancer-fighting property is stronger with processed tomato products such as ketchup and tomato sauce because the processing enables lycopene to be much more absorbable by the body.

3. Broccoli sprouts.

While these foods may be a tad bitter, it has been established that the more bitter the broccoli, the more sulforaphane it contains. Sulforaphane is important for cancer prevention because it has been shown to help prevent several kinds of cancer such as rectal and colon cancer.

Broccoli also contains a chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which can help fight breast cancer by turning estrogen (which can promote breast cancer) into something healthier for the body.

4. Carrots.

When eaten raw, carrots can prove to be an excellent weapon against cancer. Research conducted by the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences has discovered that falcarinol, a substance found in carrots, can reduce the risk of cancer by slowing down the growth of cancer cells.

Carrots are also packed with beta carotene, which has shown indications that it can fight off many types of cancers such as breast, prostate, bladder, and intestine cancer. It may even help prevent mouth, throat, and lung cancers.

5. Medicinal mushrooms.

A huge body of scientific studies has been accumulated showing that medicinal mushrooms (Coriolus Versicolor, Agaricus blazei Murill, reishi, maitake, and shiitake) can help fight cancer. They contain lectin, which is a protein that fights cancer cells and keeps them from multiplying.

They also contain other cancer-fighting substances such as Thioproline and Beta Glucan. Finally, they also contain polysaccharides which can really boost the immune system.

6. Grapefruits.

Several studies have indicated that grapefruit may prevent breast cancer cells from proliferating. They also contain other important cancer-fighting nutrients such as folic acid, beta carotene, and vitamin C. They also have monoterpenes which eliminate carcinogens from the body.

7. Red Grapes.

This fruit contains very powerful anti-cancer compounds. One is ellagic acid, which slows down the growth of tumors by blocking the enzymes needed by cancer cells. They are packed with resveratrol, which fights the enzymes known to suppress the immune response and stimulate the growth of cancer cells. They also have bioflavonoids which are antioxidants that help prevent cancer.

While there is no certain way of absolutely preventing cancer, the inclusion of these common foods in your diet can reduce your risk of acquiring this deadly disease.

Protecting Your Cranium

The head is considered as one of the most important parts of the body. That’s because the brain, the governing neurologic organ that governs all our bodily functions, which encompasses the physical, the mental and up to the emotional functions, is sitting intact in that very location. That is also why the skull is located there to provide protection to the brain and other organs such as the eyes and the oral cavity. But what happens when the head incurs injury? Here are the details on head injury and the measures on how to prevent it from occurring.

What is Head Injury?

Head injury is a broad definition in which the head incurs damage usually from trauma. This may result from blunt impact or penetrating injury. As such, the skin, the skull or even the brain may be injured in the process. There are several degrees and types of head injuries but they have similar features in the persona of the brain injury. Once the brain is injured, a myriad of signs and symptoms descend upon the body. The functions of the different organ systems of the body are disrupted to the point that the body may be unable to function effectively. Once a person has incurred a head injury, it is considered as a medical emergency as it can lead to death within minutes if not treated promptly.

Measures for Head Injury

One of the most common causes of head injuries is vehicular accident. May it be, in cars, a motorcycle or being the receiving end of an accident, your head is a potential target of the trauma and most often is the part of the body that gets injured in the process.

For motorcycle riders, it is a must that a proper helmet is worn to ensure that the head is protected in any case of accidents. Low quality helmets often give false reassurance to riders, leading to severe head injuries despite wearing them. That is why you should always check the motorcycle helmet comparison guide to see whether or not the helmets are made from durable material as well as comparing their comfort level, their weight and their overall price.

For automobile drivers, cars should be equipped with crash air bags to ensure that your head or face doesn’t slam against the hard steering wheel or the dashboard which can and most probably lead to head injury. Together with wearing seat belts, these measures prevent incurring head injury while riding in a car.

If you encounter a scene where an accident took place and you suspect that a person had incurred a head injury, don’t try to move him or her without professional help. This is because carelessly moving a victim can do more harm than good. The victim may have also incurred a spinal injury which would be a great cause of concern as even the slightest but incorrect movement can render the person paralyzed or even induce respiratory failure due to the location of the injury on the spine.

Could Your Allergies actually be Sick House Syndrome?

You wake up in the morning to the sound of coughs and sniffles. Your children are constantly itching with irritated, dry skin or rubbing at their eyes. Some of you have headaches and others feel tired all of the time. If this sounds familiar you may have assumed you were suffering from allergies. However it could be your home that is making your family sick.

Sick House Syndrome (SHS) is an illness caused by the environment in which you live. It is also known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) if caused by your office or the school your children attend. It is associated with environmental issues within a building and often “mysterious” symptoms may appear without warning or any apparent cause.

Sick Building Syndrome in the 70′s

Throughout the 70′s and 80′s the term “sick building syndrome” was used to address many symptoms that seemed to be shared by office workers. One thing patients had in common was that they all worked in airtight buildings with poor air ventilation usually built in the 70′s or early 80′s. This allowed the chemicals within the building to reach mildly toxic levels leading to many different symptoms including headaches, nausea, nose and throat irritation, lethargy and dry skin. The World Health Organization formally called the illness Sick Building Syndrome in 1986. Since that time changes have been made to building standards yet SBS and SHS continues to cause trouble for many patients.

Surprising Contributors

SHS can be caused by a number of factors including air that is vented into the building from outdoors. Air that has high concentrations of car exhaust, exhaust from kitchen and bathroom vents and even air that might be coming into your home via the garage can all be contributors to SHS. As well a combination of chemicals found in the materials used to build and decorate your home could also be at fault. VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds, gases that are emitted from common products in your home. They are found in paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides and other items found in or around your home. The Environmental Protection Agency has done studies which demonstrated that there are two to five times more VOC’s in the home than found outdoors. Many people do not realize even old paints, adhesives and film left behind from heavy cleaning or pesticide products can continue to emit VOC’s. Because of this there has been a rise in the demand and production of low or no VOC products.

Natural Issues

Homes can also contain dangerous mold and mildew that occur naturally in areas where dampness is an issue. You have probably read about black mold and the dangers associated with its growth in homes. Asbestos is also a natural material mined and used in household building materials but is only found in older homes built prior to the 1970′s. If your home has asbestos or mold and mildew they can also contribute to respiratory and dry skin issues.

Improving your Environment

If you think your family is suffering from SHS there are a number of steps you can take to counteract the symptoms. Adding more house plants is a good start as it is an easy and affordable addition to any home. Plants can help keep your air purified by naturally removing carbon monoxide and producing oxygen. You can also replace all of your household cleaners with natural cleaning products to assist in lowering the VOC’s in your home. The Environmental Working Group is an excellent resource for eco-friendly cleaning tips and products. When painting or adding new decorating detail to your home look for low or no VOC paints as well as natural fibers in carpet and flooring.

Symptom Relief

Families with SHS often share issues with dry skin and rashes. The lotions that tend to be the most effective for dry skin that is caused by itching and skin irritation are natural products such as Burt’s Bees and Natural Vibrancy. They contain ingredients that are ideal for dry skin in both adults and children. You can also look for natural soaps such as Aveeno Fragrance Free Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin. Throat and nasal irritation or persistent skin irritation should be checked by your family doctor who will rule out other causes such as infections.

4 reasons why shoe insoles could cure your foot pain

It’s surprising how many of us put up with a foot pain on a day to day basis. Maybe we’ve bought a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit correctly then just got used to the uncomfortable feeling every time we put them on or maybe we’re just gluttons for punishment! There are things that you can do to ease your foot pain though, and one of those things is to buy some insoles for your shoes. I recently purchased a pair of new insoles and the difference they have made has been immense, so , inspired by my pain free feet I’ve listed four reason why insoles could help cure your foot pain.

They reduce the impact on your feet

The minute you put a pair of insoles in your shoes they start share out the pressure that your feet experience during every step to your entire foot. If you’re feeling foot pain at the moment it’s likely because your walking style is putting particular pressure on a single point in your foot, adding a pair of insoles to your shoes will give you a much better chance of pain free walking.

They can cushion your high arches

If you’re one of the unlucky people to have high foot arches then it’s very likely that you’re currently experiencing some kind of foot pain. Adding a pair of insoles to your shoes can help to normalize your foot shape within your shoe and in the process ease that agonising foot pain.

They can help you choose the right pair of shoes

How often have you nearly bought a pair of shoes only to duck out of a buying decision at the last moment because the shoes didn’t feel quite right on your feet? I know I’ve done this sort of thing a lot in the past. What tends to happen after I’ve made the decision though is I never find the shoes that are perfect for me, and in many cases I end up buying a pair of shoes that are less suitable than the nearly perfect ones I originally rejected.

Once you bring insoles into your shoe buying equation you don’t need to find perfect shoes as insoles can help to take a 90% perfect pair of shoes to 100% perfect pair of shoes. Since I’ve discovered insoles I can buy shoes that I’m amazingly happy with faster than ever before.

They improve your posture and fix all manner of other physical ailments

It’s a little know fact that ill fitting shoes can lead to pains all over your body, not just in your feet but also in your pelvis and back. Also, people who suffer from ill fitting shoes often report sleeping problems as they struggle to overcome their aching joints and drift off into a sound peaceful sleep. So, a pair of shoe insoles could really go along way to improving your overall health, not just your foot health!

What are the best pair of insoles to buy?

It would be remiss not to mention the make of shoe insoles that inspired this article. The shoe isnoles that really made the difference for me were walkfit platinum insoles you can read more about them, on the the excellent happier and healthier website. I’ve also heard really good things about Spenco insoles, as with all buying decisions, it’s a good idea to shop around and see if you can get any recommendations from friends etc before making your final choice.

Get Your Life Back With Fun Exercise

exerciseSitting is the new smoking. That’s what people have been saying. According to recent studies, being a couch potato with a lack of daily exercise causes enough harm to your body as being a common smoker. Exercise is a must for human beings, we simply can’t live without it and it is slowly being less common amongst people. We should all take action in this problem to lead everyone to a healthier lifestyle.

So, how much exercise do we need?

Thirty minutes a day, every day. That’s the golden rule. Most of us have full time jobs, children to look after, or friends to hang out with. And finding thirty minutes in your 24 hour schedule can be a challenge. But there are a few simple tricks out there to help you integrate your needed exercise into your daily routine that doesn’t involve going to the gym and running on the “dread-mill”. Simple things like: taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, walking the dog, or taking a casual stroll through the park to get some fresh air are all great examples.

Having enough exercise is extremely important to your overall health. An increase in metabolism, energy, sex drive, and even beauty can be long-term effects when we conduct daily exercise. If you get home from work and always look forward to sitting down on the sofa or taking a nap, chances are you’re energy levels are low and some exercise is all you need to get back on your feet to take on the whole day. A body in motion will always stay in motion. Just doing the simple examples above will help you burn some calories and get your heart rate up, you’ll be on your way to a healthier life in no time.

How can we make exercise fun?

Like I mentioned before, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, just opting to take the stairs will even wake you up and get ready for your work schedule with your newfound energy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Yes, doing the simple things can add up to great improvement over time but what we really recommend and has proven to produce the greatest results is: getting involved in a new sport or hobby.

Applying yourself and enrolling in a new sport is great, you can become passionate with it and soon enough you’ll completely forget that you’re main goal is exercise. Take an example of longboarding compared to walking up stairs, yes they both provide a great form of exercise but feeling the wind rush through your hair as your ride on one of the popular Sector 9 longboards, or any of the other best longboard brands, is going to be more fun than a repetitive task of stairs.

When you are first starting out with your new hobby or sport, you may feel unsupported or have a lack of motivation and drive but through time you’ll begin to become passionate. With a passion being involved you’ll want to be active longer to improve your skills and you’ll no longer only be focusing on the need for exercise portion of the activity. You’ll feel like a kid again, wanting to be active without the “need” forcing you to be.

Tips on how to get a good night’s sleep

Were you aware of the fact that getting a good night’s sleep offers a number of different health benefits? In fact, it can impact almost every aspect of your day to day life. When you receive a good night’s sleep, your thoughts will be clearer, you will have faster reactions and you will have more resilient emotions. Some tips to help you get a great night’s sleep are highlighted here.


You should exercise during the day, with preference being in the later afternoon before your dinner. You should never exercise within four hours of going to bed. It is recommend that you participate in aerobic exercises, not only aerobics, but the kind that will get your heart beating and help you sweat for at least 20 minutes; however, 45 minutes is best.

Regular Schedule of Bed and Wake Time

You need to go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even if you feel tired in the morning. You should not vary this schedule. If you are having consistent issues sleeping, consider getting up at least a half an hour earlier each morning, which can help you to get a full night’s sleep.

Don’t Make Yourself Sleep

You should never try to make yourself sleep. If you have not fallen asleep after about 30 minutes you should get out of bed and engage in a relaxing activity and don’t go back to bed until you actually feel sleepy.

Eating before Bed

You should not eat any heavy meal right before you go to bed. Also, avoid all types of spicy or stimulating foods. You can eat a smaller snack about two hours prior to bed. A smart choice is low fat milk and a banana.

Purchase a Quality Mattress

If you are not comfortable, you will not sleep well. It is important to have a high quality mattress and bed frame to sleep on. If you do not, you will not only miss a great night’s sleep, you may have to find snoring solutions, as well.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid any type of sugar, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, as well as any other type of substance four hours before you go to bed. You should also avoid any heavy to moderate use during the day. If you have to have coffee, then you should only have a cup in the morning and no more than a total of two cups. If you keep having issues, you should stop consuming caffeine all together.

Have a Sleep Ritual

You should have a ritual for approximately 30 minutes each day before you go to bed. This should be some type of relaxing activity that you do each night in the same order prior to going to bed. This can help you relax and get your body ready to go to bed and sleep.

With this information you can begin to sleep each night and benefit from a great night’s sleep each and every night, which can impact your day and life in positive ways.