Health Benefits of Having Clean Filters

frequent headaches

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Poor indoor air quality poses a serious health concern. In fact, Indoor air pollution is among the top environmental health risks. There are many factors that may contribute to poor indoor air quality like carpets, dirt, dust and smoke. Breathing these pollutants daily can cause itchy eyes, scratchy throats, frequent headaches and respiratory problems. An improved air quality can keep away these health risks. Continue reading

Health – A Basic Human Right

I believe we all have basic human rights food, shelter, and the other basic rights. But beyond this basic rights there is something more important, and that is health. It is absolutely astounding how much improvement we as humans can make on our health and nutrition. In fact health should be a basic human right. Something that every human being can count on. Something they can expect. Continue reading

Exercise And Eat Right for Good Health!

It goes without saying that if you maintain a healthy body mass index, with appropriate levels of fat for your weight and size, you’re going to live a healthier life than if you are obese.

This is because your body will not have to sustain the weight of large quantities of fat, your internal organs will not be compressed by the fatty tissue, and your heart will not suffer from the stress of pumping blood around the body occluded by fatty tissue.

All the internal organs of the body maintain healthier function when the body’s fat levels are low: that’s particularly true of the liver, which can easily become fatty and sclerotic due to overconsumption of saturated fats.

But although you may well know that maintaining low fat levels is an appropriate way of keeping yourself healthy and in good condition, the reality is that you may not actually be practicing good dietary habits in your own life.

One of the questions that always arises is why people have such difficulty behaving in a way that would maintain their lives in a healthy fashion.

Of course the answer to this lies in the depths of our unconscious minds: the urges and impulses that control our behaviour are not always necessarily ones that are entirely positive. For example, we often eat for comfort rather than because of our nutritional needs. We often drink alcohol to relax, rather than trying meditation, time out, or relaxation therapies.

And in addition, we are faced with many difficult challenges: not the least of these is the fact that food manufacturers have found ways of manufacturing convenience and processed food that contains high levels of salt, sugar and fat, thereby forming an addictive cocktail that compels us to eat more and more, even when we know there’s actually no shortage of food the next day.

All of these issues combine to produce many different causes and symptoms of ill-health: you may know that cancer has been blamed on overconsumption of alcohol and fatty food. Certainly there’s a strong and obvious connection between heart disease and consumption of high levels of fat. For diabetics, the consumption of sugars can be very harmful — and so the list of ailments and forbidden foods goes on.

Yet it’s absolutely remarkable when somebody is determined to get back into condition, to take appropriate levels of exercise, and to eat in a way that matches their physical needs, how their health can be transformed.

One of the things that has made a massive difference to public awareness of healthy living is the Venus Factor diet for women, which has been a sensation on the Internet for quite some time now. The Venus Factor is an individually designed plan for consumption of personally appropriate nutrition, and is combined with an exercise plan that allows you to establish exactly how much or little exercise you should be taking for your own physiology and physique.

What makes Venus stand out from all the rest of the programs that have been offered on the Internet over the past few years is the fact that it’s tailored to every individual who buys into the program.

Now while I can fully except that diet and weight loss regimes may not be the easiest thing in the world, it’s certainly true that we can all help ourselves enormously by being part of a community who are supportive of our objectives.

Here, the Venus Factor scores highly above almost every other program for diet control and rapid weight loss available on the Internet: when you join, you’re part of a community that will support you in the achievement of every single one of your objectives. This community adds huge value to the price of membership, and it comes highly recommended if you want to achieve success!

Simple Rules to Gain Mass the Healthy Way

If you are looking for ways to gain mass on your frame, you came at the right place! We want you to have that body you have always dreamt of. We offer you simple and healthy rules that will bulk up your frame, now! (Courtesy of Strong Muscle Fitness)

To gain muscle and weight, it is important that you follow this two-pronged approach – eat right and exercise right. Experts agree that many men aren’t able to gain muscle weight simply because they are exercising and eating in the wrong way!

#1 Exercising the right way

Proper and effective exercise involves numerous factors. These include:

• Keeping track of your progress (e.g. repetitions performed, breaks, tempo , weight used) is as critical as the exercise program itself. This will allow you to assess whether you are advancing to the next level and your energy levels are adequate.

• Stick to a plan! If you want to gain mass and improve your strength, then sticking to a plan is paramount. Randomness will surely help you gain strength (for a beginner) but not the muscle size you want.

• Prioritize weight training instead of cardio workouts. High intensity interval (HIIT) trainings and cardio sessions can be included into your exercise program but focus should be given on weight trainings. Weight training should at least eat up 3 to 4 days of your week.

• Work on your biggest muscles including your back, chest and legs. Include pull-ups, dips, bench presses, dead lifts, squats and military presses on your training program.

#2 Eating the right way

• Build and store new proteins right before the old protein are used by your body! Down the right amount of protein; nonetheless, you should eat protein enriched foods and drinks more often as your body constantly drains itself of protein levels for other uses (e.g. hormone building).

• Your primary source of protein is meat, hence, make sure that you are able to eat about 1 gram of protein per your body weight in pounds. For instance, your weight is 150 lbs., aim for an intake of 150 gm protein in a day.

• Eat more calories! With your weight training at hand, increasing your calorie intake is more important than ever. Ensure that you are able to take in adequate amounts of calories every day.

• Have a healthy drink before your workouts. Numerous studies have shown that drinking amino acid and carbohydrate enriched shakes right before working out can help in increasing protein synthesis in your body thus helping in gaining muscle mass.

• Taking in nutritional complements, including creatine supplements can help in adding mass to your frame. Creatine is a natural substance that helps in increasing lean muscle mass, increase muscle recovery and strength. It is a muscular boost that helps you in achieving energy and speed. The best creatine supplements are available online and can be bought on your local drugstores.

• Eat carbs after your workouts. Doing so will help in increasing your insulin levels ultimately leading to decrease in protein breakdown.

• Drink plenty of water! Stay hydrated all throughout the day. Your performance declines even with just a percent of body dehydration.

#3 De-stress!

Negative stress can definitely wreak havoc on your health and body. Try to unwind and chill out. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of fluids, meditate, and try to get 8 to 9 hours of continuous sleep every day. Eating and exercising the right way is not adequate in achieving your desired body frame, a healthy body, mind and emotional state is equally important as well.

Kayaks. Transporting you to a Healthy Lifestyle

In this day and age, everyone knows the importance of leaving a healthy lifestyle. With junk food getting cheaper and cheaper, and gym memberships heading in the opposite direction, achieving a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. Ideally, you should be able to combine a hobby that you enjoy, that’s cheap and easy, with your exercise and diet regime. With cycling undergoing a renaissance in recent times, along with a multitude of runners taking to the road, you may want to think outside the box here. Both of these exercises have their drawbacks, with cycling shortening your calf muscles and road running reading havoc with runners knees. Perhaps it’s time to look further abroad, to the open water, and more specifically, to kayaking.

Establishing itself as the hobby for 2014 on-wards, kayaking is a real up and comer. It’s increase in popularity can be largely attributed to breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques, meaning higher quality products can be made at lower costs, resulting in a lower price for us consumers. You can pick up a good quality kayak for under one hundred dollars in today’s market, which is substantially less than a years gym membership, and not to mention it’s also a whole lot more fun.
Perhaps the best thing about the new kayaks, is that there’s an inflatable option. Much more than a glorified rubber dingy, inflatable kayaks are a great start for anyone to get out on open water. With specific models available to take passengers, travel and speed as well models optimized for fishing, there’s something for everyone here. The real benefit though is that they compress down to fit in the trunk of any average sized car. Whether they’ll fit in your retro Mini Cooper will have to be seen…

The portability of these brilliant inflatable kayaks means that you can easily escape the concrete jungle of modern cities and hit the countryside and relax, while exercising. Many sports enthusiasts say that running and cycling are therapeutic, well I’ve run a marathon and I have to say it was not as therapeutic as sailing my kayak downstream in glorious sunshine. But that’s just my personal opinion. Like any sport, you get out of kayaking what you put into it. If you really push your limits, you can take kayaking to a competitive level, but if you just want to stay fit and keep up the healthy lifestyle, it’s perfect for that as well.

This article isn’t geared at getting you to ditch all of your other sporting commitments to go solo in a boat, it’s about opening your eyes to the potential that kayaking has. It can boost your healthy lifestyle, as well as provide you with an interesting and enjoyable hobby. It gives you a great medium to enjoy and benefit from, becoming the best of both worlds. You can find exceptional information about kayaks, particularly the Intex Explorer K2 (more information) if this article has sparked your interest. I hope it has.

Are you going to take the plunge and head out on the open water? If you do be sure to let me know via a message on the contact us page!

Health Benefits of Using a Pizza Stone

If you have ever been in a pizzeria, then you may have seen baking stones used and wondered what they were used for. Those who own pizza stones know that the stones can help make pizza healthier and will make the crust taste great. If you don’t own a pizza stone, then you will want to purchase one. They can be used for more than just pizza. Many cooks use their stones for baking breads and pastries. The stones come in many different shapes and sizes but the most come in a circle or square shape. They are flat, thin with a rough surface. The stone is placed in a hot oven for up to 45 minutes to heat it up and prepare it for cooking. The pizza is set directly on top of the stone in the oven and the stone will evenly bake the crust to perfection.

Some cooks prefer to have more than one stone. They will use a rectangular stone for pizza made with homemade dough. They will use a circular stone for heating a frozen pizza. Beginner chefs will probably want to start with one stone and buy more as they learn how to use the stone for baking.

The best thing about a pizza stone is that it can replace a baking sheet. Meats can be cooked on the stone and not be scorched. If you are looking for a healthy way of making French fries, then bake them on a pizza stone. The stone will make them crispy and delicious, yet they won’t have all the grease. Baking stones also work well for reheating leftovers. Not only will the leftovers not burn but you will be saving money since you won’t have to throw away good food.

The best place to buy a pizza stone is at a website called The Home Pizza Chef. All of the stones reviewed on the website can be used to make healthy foods for you and your family. Here are some tips for cooking healthy meals with a baking stone:

  • Before baking with a pizza stone, you should heat it up for at least a half an hour before you need to use it. When the stone is completely hot, place the food on top of the stone and close the oven door. When taking the food out of the oven, do not remove the stone. It will be too hot and heavy to move. Let it cool inside the oven.
  • Do not use soap to clean a pizza stone. The soap will soak into the stone and ruin it. The best way to clean it is by washing it with a damp rag and scraping off the debris with the back side of a knife.
  • The stone will slowly season over time which will result in discoloring of the stone. Don’t be alarmed when your stone turns a different color. This is natural and a discolored stone is a sign of a well-used stone.
  • Experiment with different recipes that can be made on a pizza stone. Many healthy recipes can be found online. You’ll be surprised by what you can make!

Are You A Man Who Tries Every Fad Diet?

If so this could be the reason you are still sick and overweight. Every few years there seems to be a new diet that everyone is talking about. For while Atkins and the low-carb diet was all the rage now it seems you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about Garcinia Cambogia. The main reasons diets come in and out of fashion are their ability to help some people achieve very dramatic and very quick weight loss. Dieting is a very individualized process and what works for one person will have absolutely no effect on another.

For many guys we pay more attention to the needs of our home than we do to our own needs. If your hot water heater started spraying water from a coupling you wouldn’t try something you heard about from a lady at the supermarket. You would go with a tried and true solution to fix the problem in the most efficient way. You have to keep that same mindset when dealing with your health too.

Unfortunately there are cases where fad diets can be detrimental to your health for these reasons if you have any medical conditions you should always discuss your diet with your doctor before you start it. Many diets and diet supplements can have side effects that tend to affect people who are already in a compromised health state much more severely than people who are relatively healthy and not on medications.

For most people the best course for weight loss is the old standby eat less and work out more but sometimes a natural supplement gives a necessary boost. You can get some good tips about taking a natural supplement by checking out the website generally speaking you shouldn’t lose any more than a couple of pounds a week. You can realistically lose this much weight if you’re eating very healthy yet eating lightly and working out moderately. One of the best things you can do is monitor how many calories you are consuming and how many calories you are burning through exercise and try to make the net calories you consume no less than 1500 a day.

This is quite easy to accomplish if you keep track of all the food you eat and then you subtract the amount of calories you burn through exercise you should come up with 1500 for the end of the day. Don’t try to eat 1500 calories and then work out without replacing those calories, you will quickly learn that your body does not function well on less than 1500 and it will revolt by holding on to every calorie as well as every fat cell.

If you’re going to try to diet with the help of a diet regimen or supplement the best thing to do is to add a natural supplement that help suppress appetite and gives you more energy. Be sure you check out any supplements you wish to take with your doctor and listen to your body if everything is going well and you feel fine continue on but if you start to have unpleasant symptoms or side effects don’t take the product any longer.

Combining a healthy whole foods-based diet with an all-natural supplement and moderate exercise will usually provide much better results than a fad diet ever will. You can learn more at Health As A Lifestyle, they have many articles and information for your healthy lifestyle change.

4 Health Benefits of a Low Carb Diet That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Carbohydrates are macro-nutrients which are used in the production of energy (calories) in the body. It is the fuel which ensures that all the processes take place as required in the body. It is therefore recommended by Nutritionists and health care providers that calories taken in must be equal to the calories expended. This is important as it helps in fighting lifestyle disorders which may result from excess carbohydrates.

Health benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Weight loss - a low carbohydrate diet will not supply the body with the calories which are required in sustaining a healthy life. This will compel the body to utilize fats which are stored under the skin as adipose tissues in order to provide for the required energy for better function. Continued use of fats stored in various parts of the body and organs will ultimately have an effect in the overall body mass. Decline in body fats will finally lead to weight loss. If you cannot jump right into a no-carb diet, try skipping carbs during breakfast only at first, and then gradually work towards including lunch and dinner.

On the other hand, a low carbohydrate diet helps the body in getting rid of excess water from the body. This is because low carbohydrates tend to affect insulin levels which encourage the kidney to start losing excess sodium which ultimately leads to weight loss within a short period of time.

Improved heart health - a low carbohydrate diet increases the level of good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein) in the blood as the level of bad cholesterol decreases, low density lipoprotein. High density lipoprotein transports cholesterol away from the heart and the liver. Secondly, high density lipoprotein discourages the accumulation of cholesterol plaques from forming in the capillaries. By doing this, the flow of blood throughout the body will not be normal hence preventing the risk of developing cardiovascular heart diseases.

Decreased levels of type 2 diabetes - when carbohydrates are consumed, they get converted or broken down into simple sugars (glucose) in the body. The levels of sugars in the blood are controlled so that they are within the levels required by the body and this is done by a hormone called insulin. For some people, the insulin may be resistant hence not able to bring down the sugar level in the blood. This can be achieved by taking a diet low in carbohydrates as the body will not get excess sugars which it may not be able to control. For those suffering from diabetes type 2; it is recommended that they take a diet low in carbohydrates since this is what the body will be able to work with. A diet low in carbohydrates will help in managing diabetes type 2 thus improving the quality of life.

Decrease in blood pressure - a diet low in carbohydrates helps in decreasing blood pressure which results from accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. Accumulation of plaque is due to extra calories obtained from a diet high in carbohydrates. This forces the heart to use a lot of pressure to get blood to where it is required. Low carbohydrate diet encourages the removal of plaque deposited in the capillaries which then reduces the pressure with which the heart must use in pumping blood around the body. Finally blood pressure will go back to normal with a diet low in carbohydrates thus good health.

The Growing Protein Powder Market – Who Needs Supplements?

You can now buy supplements that claim to help you feel more energetic, chisel your abdominals into a perfect six pack, or build a lean body with the perfect muscle-to-fat ratio. If you have a health or fitness goal, there are supplements to help you reach them faster than expected and with greater results. The question is whether you really need those supplements to create and maintain a healthy body.

One study published in the professional journal Pediatrics showed that more teenagers are now using supplements to build muscle. The study measured the use of protein powder and the prevalence of other muscle-building behaviors among male and female youth. The results showed that boys and girls are using supplements to form their bodies or enhance performance in sports.

The growing number of supplements in stores and the amount of promotion they receive online shows that adults are using them in greater numbers as well. New supplements hit the market all the time, and many target specific markets.

For instance, you can now segment the protein powder market into specific categories. There are protein powders for women, for men, for vegans and for the gluten intolerant. There are protein powders designed for easier digestion and others designed for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Some are recommended for pre-workout energy while others are recommended for post-workout recovery. Some contain added fiber while others add creatine and essential amino acids.

In addition to protein powders, there are pills, creams and gummies all pushing the dream of a well-sculpted body bursting with youthful energy. While it may seem like these supplements are out to make money from the unrealistic dreams of consumers, there are some legitimate reasons to use protein powder and other supplements:

1. You have realistic health and fitness goals and need to adjust your lifestyle to reach them. Some supplements make it easier to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. For instance, high-quality protein bars with natural ingredients are far healthier than anything you might find in the vending machine at work.

2. You struggle to lose weight or put on muscle and don’t want to resort to illegal drugs or extreme dieting and weightlifting habits. It is easier to increase your protein intake without increasing fat intake if you use a high-quality protein powder with limited calories, fat grams and carbohydrates.

3. You are a serious athlete and sometimes need extra energy or a boost to get through difficult training sessions. This is far different than using performance-enhancing drugs in order to perform beyond your natural ability. The goal is to fuel up for intense training sessions so that you gain greater results from your hard work.

You may find other reasons that you need to use some type of health and fitness supplement. If so, there are some things you should do prior to selecting a supplement and starting use:

1. Make sure that your goals are realistic and you actually need the assistance reaching those goals. If you can get through moderate-intensity workouts and achieve the results you want to achieve by consuming a well-balanced diet and exercising without assistance, then you should do so. Supplements are there if you aren’t getting the results achieved or need help adjusting your lifestyle to ensure successful progress toward your goals. When you run into a problem, a supplement may offer a solution.

2. Research all of your options before deciding on one product. There are so many different supplements on the market that some people get confused. If you simply pick a product at random, you aren’t likely to end up with the results expected. Get to know the market, and then make an educated decision.

3. Invest in quality ingredients. Look for products that keep it as natural as possible, eliminating GMO, artificial flavors or colors, and unnatural preservatives. Look at the primary ingredients in different products and research their ability to deliver the results claimed by the product.  Look into products online rather than believing the claims on the packaging blindly.

Finally, consider age when determining whether you need supplements or not. The fact that more teenagers than ever are using protein powder and other supplements is a concern. Some young athletes can use these supplements responsibly, but others may misuse them in dangerous ways. If you are young or have a teenager, make sure they use the right supplements for the right reasons or none at all.

Simple Tips for Relieving Stress this Summer

Studies have shown that if people do not take care of the stress in their life, they will not live a very long life. While exercising and eating right is important, stress can actually override all the good those two things do, and actually shorten someone’s life no matter what shape they are in. There are a lot of ways that people can relieve the stress they experience every day, and here is a small list of just a few of the most effective ways for people to relax and take it easy. This will, on the whole, make them happier more care free.

Read A Good Book

There is nothing more relaxing than for people to lose themselves in the pages of a good book. Reading can be an amazing way to relax because it not only relaxes the body, but it is also more important than ever that people find the time to be alone. A day off to do something like go shopping, go to the spa, or anything else that brings them pleasure is going to really boost their morale, and will definitely be a big way to relieve stress.

Take Up A New Hobby

Indulging in things that people are interested in can be a great way to leave the world behind. Some people love to collect things, and a great example of collecting things would be classic cars. Every man has their own idea of what their perfect car is, and sometimes it takes owning many of them to finally know what they want to buy. For classic car collectors, the car has to be in absolute pristine condition, loaded with things like original wheels and coated in original paint. There is no greater joy then people finding the perfect specimen of car they are looking for, and that happiness is going to dissolve their stress away better than anything else.

Get Away From It All

One way to find relief from stress is to escape to another place even if it is for a short time, like a weekend. When people get away from it all by leaving their hometown, they need to remember to leave things like their computers and cell phones at home. The idea is to have a nice vacation, and to relax, and being able to leave electronics behind is a great way to start. People often to go the woods to hide, and these days, electronic devices can make that impossible unless people make a choice to leave them at home. Even if the vacation is short, just leaving town is going to make you feel better.

Stress is called the invisible killer because people are not aware that too much of it can literally shorten their lives, no matter what they do to take care of themselves. People can go on vacation, take a day to relax, find a satisfying hobby, or pick up a good book, and soon they will feel their stress levels drop and mood improve dramatically.

Orthodontics for Adults or How to Straighten Your Teeth Regardless of Age

Straight teeth are the norm when it comes to a pleasant appearance and good oral health. However, crooked teeth are a reality among many adults nowadays. The lack of money or dental education determined many parents to skip the orthodontist visit at the appropriate moment and grown-up individuals are now living with the consequences. But what most people do not know is that badly aligned teeth can be straightened up regardless of age. In fact, it is estimated that one in five patients opting for an orthodontic treatment is adult. They now have the education necessary to understand the necessity of such a treatment and the financial means to support it.

What can orthodontics do for adult patients?

Adult patients can benefit from most of the treatments offered in an orthodontic clinic, including teeth straightening, malocclusion and improper bite treatment. A specialized examination, cumulated with X-rays, photos and teeth molds helps the orthodontist form an accurate opinion about the treatments needed.

One of the drawbacks associated with age is the fact that the treatment is usually longer in adults that in children. The actual time needed for a complete treatment varies from person to person, but an adult should expect to have perfectly lined up teeth after about 2 years of brace wearing.

The other downside of orthodontic treatment in adulthood is the fact that the bones have stopped growing, so that conditions associated with unequal jaws can only be solved by surgical means. The surgery is done before or after the brace treatment, depending on the condition. Not all people wearing braces need surgery, so stop by for a check-up before making up your mind!

Before the orthodontic treatment

Before deciding upon what type of braces would be more convenient for the patient, the orthodontist needs to know the teeth condition as well as the patient’s general health state. This is mainly because patients with periodontal problems may not qualify for an orthodontic treatment. Wearing braces when the tooth or the bone supporting the tooth is affected increases the risk of tooth decay or jaw related diseases.  Therefore, it is advisable to address the periodontal issues before starting an orthodontic treatment.

Patients with bleeding disorders, leukemia, severe diabetes which cannot be kept under control or severe heart-valve disease should consult their physician before undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Also, patients who take osteoporosis or arthritis may experience the need for longer treatment as these drugs make the teeth harder to move.

Dental appliances suitable for adults

Nowadays there are a great variety of braces suitable for adults, from the metal ones applied onto a thin metal wire to the “clear” invisalign braces. The new devices are considerably less bulky and appropriate for everyday use. Let’s take a look at each one of the options for a better understanding of their features.

Traditional stainless steel braces – affordable, sturdy and highly efficient, the stainless steel braces are still used by many orthodontists. However, patients looking for more discreet options tend to skip these braces due to their anesthetic look.

Plastic braces – usually made in clear plastic, these braces are growing more popular among adults, due to their discreet look. However, the plastic braces tend stain in time and to develop friction between them and the supporting wire, which in turn leads to a less effective and longer treatment.

Ceramic braces – available in tooth-color, the ceramic braces are almost invisible, which also makes them extremely popular among adult patients. However, they have more chances of breaking then the traditional ones. Also, they can affect the enamel on the lower teeth, which are smaller and more prone to such accidents. To solve this problem, many orthodontists recommend using ceramic braces on top teeth and metal ones on lower teeth.

Invisalign – also known as “clear” braces, these innovative devices are solve the esthetic concern by removing the wires and metallic parts. They are custom-made clear plastic appliances which cover the teeth entirely, while forcing them to move in the wanted direction.

The orthodontic treatment for adults does not only have a strong cosmetic result, but it also impacts the way in which the patient bites, chews and speaks. Furthermore, well aligned teeth are easier to clean and care for, which means healthier teeth with minimum effort. All these are good reasons to pay a visit to an orthodontist right away!

Top 10 Healthy Nutrients For A Healthy Lifestyle

As consumers of the modern world, we are constantly surrounded by many different food choices, whether it’s in the supermarket or on the high street full of takeaways and restaurants, we are bombarded by different unhealthy choices every day of our lives. It’s no wonder then that the obesity rate has increased in many different countries such as the U.S and UK, it is therefore important to educate people on the important nutrients, fitness and having a healthy living. Studies have shown that the 10 top nutrients are water, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin c, iron, folic acid and zinc. All of these are essential daily nutrients, that are important for healthy living and good fitness, the most important nutrient is water, since our body is made up over 70% of water, it’s important to keep the body hydrated and by consuming water daily, it helps your body to detox and remove waste.

Many fruits and vegetables will contain the above nutrients and are easily purchased, but the hard part is making sure that they are part of your daily lifestyle and eating routine. Apples are a great fruit, not only are they delicious and a great ingredient for smoothies, they contain 3 of the above nutrients. Apples contain vitamin c, vitamin a, iron and calcium, all important daily nutrients and are a great source of potassium, which is good for the heart. Avocados are also known for being a healthy brain food, not only are they full of good fats, but they are also high in protein and fiber. On average an avocado will contain four grams of protein, which is quite high compared to other fruits. Avocados are also known for lowering cholesterols, contributes to a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and artery disease, avocadoes also have a smooth texture and are a great ingredient for smoothies. Spinach is also a great power vegetable, a high source of folic acid, zinc, vitamin c, vitamin a and vitamin k. Not only is spinach available all year round, its cheap to purchase and a perfect ingredients for smoothies.

If you find that you don’t have time to create meals with the different types of fruits and vegetables then why not think about investing in a good blender to make good nutritional smoothies. The Nutribullet Extractor is well known for being a good nutritional blender, known for being a nutritional extractor, the Nutribullet is best known for keeping all fruits and vegetables nutrition. The difference between blenders and the Nutribullet is the Nutribullet keeps all of the fruits & vegtables nutrients, whilst other blenders may leave lumps of ingredients, which ends up being thrown away. So try mixing avocadoes, apples and spinach together, and include healthy blends into your daily lifestyle, if they taste results in too bland, then add a lemon or ginger into your mix for a nicer taste. Smoothies are not only a great way to have nutrients, but they are also a delicious healthy snack, so include important nutrition into your diet today and create your own healthy smoothies. You can find a whole range of Nutribullet Recipes at Nutribullet Kitchen, they also have a variety of different Smoothie Guides which are worth checking out such as the 5 best Pumpkin Smoothie Recipes.

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Cooking

cookingNow that summer is here, thousands of restless lovers of the outdoors are brainstorming ideas to get out of the house and back into healthy habits. While trips to the lake and hikes in the mountains are great ways to increase activity level, it’s always beneficial to also return to healthy eating habits. Here are a few tips to help you think of creative ways to do so.

1. Think Fresh

During these warm (okay, hot) summer months, your local grocery store will have an abundance of variety in fruits, vegetables and seasonal herbs. In most regions, you can buy a dozen sweet yellow corn for just a few dollars, or a watermelon for the same. Berries are in season, with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry seasons spanning almost the entire summer. Particularly devoted fresh food lovers will find it easy to obtain vegetable and herb plants for their outdoor gardens, and even the magazine rack in the checkout aisle will be packed with summer-themed cookbooks. Don’t be afraid to try something new! The plethora of seasonal produce available to you is a much healthier dinner option than any prepackaged meal.

2. Think Local

Not only will your grocery store be well stocked with seasonal, fresh products, but chances are your local farmer’s market is open for business. There was a time when farmer’s markets were little more than roadside stands, manned by a few farmers selling tomatoes and the occasional jam. Today, farmer’s markets offer a wealth of produce, some even organic. Vendors may be selling healthy baked goods, and even arts and crafts. Don’t underestimate the local produce market. You’re almost sure to find what you need to prepare a healthy meal.

3. Consider the Smoothie

With the rise in temperature, you may be craving a cold, creamy snack. Now that you’ve shopped your local markets and your refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruits, consider making a simple and healthy smoothie. You can use vegetables or fruits, but for a protein rich snack that tastes great, try combining 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 cup milk, 1 whole banana and 3 tablespoons of peanut butter in a blender. Add ice to the consistency you desire, and enjoy! Be creative with your recipes, and again, don’t hesitate to try new combinations. You may find the tomato plum and mango smoothie that you created to be your absolute favorite!

4. Uncover Your Grill

Some of the healthiest meals can be prepared on your grill. Because the excess fats are allowed to drain from even the fattiest cuts of meat, the content is significantly reduced, allowing you to enjoy leaner, healthier meats. Whether you choose steaks, burgers, pork or even fish, grilling your food is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while making healthy food. Corn can be grilled by placing the ears, including the husk, directly onto the grill rack. Vegetables can be grilled directly on the rack, or as an alternative, try drizzling them with a bit of olive oil and wrapping them in aluminum foil pouches. Place the pouches on the grill rack while you cook your meat. No matter what you choose to cook, grilling is both healthy and fun.

5. Use Your Smoker

If you’re not keen on the idea of standing outside in the heat by a fired up grill, a smoker may be a better option for you. There are several ways to smoke meat, including cold and heat smoking. However, cold smoking requires a great deal of salt and is therefore a less healthy option than using a charcoal or electric smoker. If you don’t yet have one, you can research the best electric smoker online. Electric smokers are generally preferable to charcoal because the temperature is regulated and they do not require you to constantly check them. Any food which can be cooked on a grill may also be cooked on a smoker. A great resource for information, reviews and ideas can be found at Electric Smoker Central. Although smoking foods is a lengthier process than grilling them, you will have time to spend with your family and friends while your food practically cooks itself.

No matter how you choose to liven up your summertime meals, remember that fresh food is, as a general rule, healthier than packaged meals. Trips to the farmer’s market, or a grilling or smoking cookout can also prove to be great opportunities to catch up with a friend or neighbors. Plan a pot luck cookout, and challenge everyone to bring one new item they’ve never tried. Or host a grillside picnic with your spouse as the guest of honor. Most importantly, enjoy your food and have fun!

Enroute To A Successful Working Mom

Being a working mom puts a million concerns in your head simultaneously; mostly none of them turns out to be about you. Did you submit that annual project report to your boss in time? Did your kids eat properly before heading off to nursery? Did you find those hostgator coupon codes for your company’s new website? Is it time to start those piano lessons you always wanted your daughter to take?

It is fairly understood your work demands and schedules, topped with the needs of your kids, leave you little room to worry about yourself. But squeezing in just bits of workout schedules here and there can give you the quality of life you always wanted. Being a working mom does not give you an excuse to slack off when it comes to your health and fitness. This post is for all the working moms out there who ignore their fitness just because they don’t have time for themselves and are worried about putting on weight. Our job is to teach you to make exercising possible even when you don’t have a moment to spare.

Begin with setting achievable goals:

Set a basic amount of work-out time. You need to begin with minimum time every day and minimum days every week to make exercising achievable for you.

Try to set an early morning routine. Wake up before rest of the house does and your mom duties begin. Working out in the early morning is always more efficient as it maximizes your weight loss by burning calories during the day when you are busy with work or kids.

Make your kids a part of your workout. The markets are flooded with the best double jogging strollers these days. Take your toddlers out to the park in their stroller, where they spend quality time with each other or nap, while their mommy jogs.

Take what you can get:

You begin with picking an exercise that is convenient because you are not at liberty to choose an exercise that is your favorite. You have to take what you can get. Most working moms find running the most convenient form of exercise. All you have to do is put on your shoes and start running as soon as you step out of the house. If you have to run errands in the neighborhood, avoid taking your car and jog! This saves you the commute to a gym and you get to utilize the time in exercising that you would have otherwise spent driving to the gym.

Have a gym in your building? Use it. When you are getting back from work, before you enter your house, hit the gym. Work out at a stretch before you go home and get caught up in the distractions. Once you go home, there are a million chores lined up for you that never let you get away from the house again until it is time to go to work again the next day. If nothing else works, start working out in your lounge. Get subscriptions for those fitness channels or get DVDs with workout sessions recorded.

Do not let your fitness take a backseat to your work obligations or motherhood duties. Your well-being and fitness is just as important for you as your kids and work. For you to be able to give your best to the kids and focus on the work, you need to be in the best shape and stay fit.