Health Benefits of Having Clean Filters

frequent headaches

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Poor indoor air quality poses a serious health concern. In fact, Indoor air pollution is among the top environmental health risks. There are many factors that may contribute to poor indoor air quality like carpets, dirt, dust and smoke. Breathing these pollutants daily can cause itchy eyes, scratchy throats, frequent headaches and respiratory problems. An improved air quality can keep away these health risks. Continue reading

Health – A Basic Human Right

I believe we all have basic human rights food, shelter, and the other basic rights. But beyond this basic rights there is something more important, and that is health. It is absolutely astounding how much improvement we as humans can make on our health and nutrition. In fact health should be a basic human right. Something that every human being can count on. Something they can expect. Continue reading

4 reasons why shoe insoles could cure your foot pain

It’s surprising how many of us put up with a foot pain on a day to day basis. Maybe we’ve bought a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit correctly then just got used to the uncomfortable feeling every time we put them on or maybe we’re just gluttons for punishment! There are things that you can do to ease your foot pain though, and one of those things is to buy some insoles for your shoes. I recently purchased a pair of new insoles and the difference they have made has been immense, so , inspired by my pain free feet I’ve listed four reason why insoles could help cure your foot pain.

They reduce the impact on your feet

The minute you put a pair of insoles in your shoes they start share out the pressure that your feet experience during every step to your entire foot. If you’re feeling foot pain at the moment it’s likely because your walking style is putting particular pressure on a single point in your foot, adding a pair of insoles to your shoes will give you a much better chance of pain free walking.

They can cushion your high arches

If you’re one of the unlucky people to have high foot arches then it’s very likely that you’re currently experiencing some kind of foot pain. Adding a pair of insoles to your shoes can help to normalize your foot shape within your shoe and in the process ease that agonising foot pain.

They can help you choose the right pair of shoes

How often have you nearly bought a pair of shoes only to duck out of a buying decision at the last moment because the shoes didn’t feel quite right on your feet? I know I’ve done this sort of thing a lot in the past. What tends to happen after I’ve made the decision though is I never find the shoes that are perfect for me, and in many cases I end up buying a pair of shoes that are less suitable than the nearly perfect ones I originally rejected.

Once you bring insoles into your shoe buying equation you don’t need to find perfect shoes as insoles can help to take a 90% perfect pair of shoes to 100% perfect pair of shoes. Since I’ve discovered insoles I can buy shoes that I’m amazingly happy with faster than ever before.

They improve your posture and fix all manner of other physical ailments

It’s a little know fact that ill fitting shoes can lead to pains all over your body, not just in your feet but also in your pelvis and back. Also, people who suffer from ill fitting shoes often report sleeping problems as they struggle to overcome their aching joints and drift off into a sound peaceful sleep. So, a pair of shoe insoles could really go along way to improving your overall health, not just your foot health!

What are the best pair of insoles to buy?

It would be remiss not to mention the make of shoe insoles that inspired this article. The shoe isnoles that really made the difference for me were walkfit platinum insoles you can read more about them, on the the excellent happier and healthier website. I’ve also heard really good things about Spenco insoles, as with all buying decisions, it’s a good idea to shop around and see if you can get any recommendations from friends etc before making your final choice.

Get Your Life Back With Fun Exercise

exerciseSitting is the new smoking. That’s what people have been saying. According to recent studies, being a couch potato with a lack of daily exercise causes enough harm to your body as being a common smoker. Exercise is a must for human beings, we simply can’t live without it and it is slowly being less common amongst people. We should all take action in this problem to lead everyone to a healthier lifestyle.

So, how much exercise do we need?

Thirty minutes a day, every day. That’s the golden rule. Most of us have full time jobs, children to look after, or friends to hang out with. And finding thirty minutes in your 24 hour schedule can be a challenge. But there are a few simple tricks out there to help you integrate your needed exercise into your daily routine that doesn’t involve going to the gym and running on the “dread-mill”. Simple things like: taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, walking the dog, or taking a casual stroll through the park to get some fresh air are all great examples.

Having enough exercise is extremely important to your overall health. An increase in metabolism, energy, sex drive, and even beauty can be long-term effects when we conduct daily exercise. If you get home from work and always look forward to sitting down on the sofa or taking a nap, chances are you’re energy levels are low and some exercise is all you need to get back on your feet to take on the whole day. A body in motion will always stay in motion. Just doing the simple examples above will help you burn some calories and get your heart rate up, you’ll be on your way to a healthier life in no time.

How can we make exercise fun?

Like I mentioned before, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, just opting to take the stairs will even wake you up and get ready for your work schedule with your newfound energy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Yes, doing the simple things can add up to great improvement over time but what we really recommend and has proven to produce the greatest results is: getting involved in a new sport or hobby.

Applying yourself and enrolling in a new sport is great, you can become passionate with it and soon enough you’ll completely forget that you’re main goal is exercise. Take an example of longboarding compared to walking up stairs, yes they both provide a great form of exercise but feeling the wind rush through your hair as your ride on one of the popular Sector 9 longboards, or any of the other best longboard brands, is going to be more fun than a repetitive task of stairs.

When you are first starting out with your new hobby or sport, you may feel unsupported or have a lack of motivation and drive but through time you’ll begin to become passionate. With a passion being involved you’ll want to be active longer to improve your skills and you’ll no longer only be focusing on the need for exercise portion of the activity. You’ll feel like a kid again, wanting to be active without the “need” forcing you to be.

Tips on how to get a good night’s sleep

Were you aware of the fact that getting a good night’s sleep offers a number of different health benefits? In fact, it can impact almost every aspect of your day to day life. When you receive a good night’s sleep, your thoughts will be clearer, you will have faster reactions and you will have more resilient emotions. Some tips to help you get a great night’s sleep are highlighted here.


You should exercise during the day, with preference being in the later afternoon before your dinner. You should never exercise within four hours of going to bed. It is recommend that you participate in aerobic exercises, not only aerobics, but the kind that will get your heart beating and help you sweat for at least 20 minutes; however, 45 minutes is best.

Regular Schedule of Bed and Wake Time

You need to go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even if you feel tired in the morning. You should not vary this schedule. If you are having consistent issues sleeping, consider getting up at least a half an hour earlier each morning, which can help you to get a full night’s sleep.

Don’t Make Yourself Sleep

You should never try to make yourself sleep. If you have not fallen asleep after about 30 minutes you should get out of bed and engage in a relaxing activity and don’t go back to bed until you actually feel sleepy.

Eating before Bed

You should not eat any heavy meal right before you go to bed. Also, avoid all types of spicy or stimulating foods. You can eat a smaller snack about two hours prior to bed. A smart choice is low fat milk and a banana.

Purchase a Quality Mattress

If you are not comfortable, you will not sleep well. It is important to have a high quality mattress and bed frame to sleep on. If you do not, you will not only miss a great night’s sleep, you may have to find snoring solutions, as well.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid any type of sugar, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, as well as any other type of substance four hours before you go to bed. You should also avoid any heavy to moderate use during the day. If you have to have coffee, then you should only have a cup in the morning and no more than a total of two cups. If you keep having issues, you should stop consuming caffeine all together.

Have a Sleep Ritual

You should have a ritual for approximately 30 minutes each day before you go to bed. This should be some type of relaxing activity that you do each night in the same order prior to going to bed. This can help you relax and get your body ready to go to bed and sleep.

With this information you can begin to sleep each night and benefit from a great night’s sleep each and every night, which can impact your day and life in positive ways.

The Stress Relief Benefits of Listening to Music Alone

Science can be very strange. While it can give us mind-blowing innovations and exciting discoveries, sometimes they can also go to great lengths to provide evidence for an idea that’s pretty common sense (even if it isn’t obvious).

Take the scientific inquiry on stress, for example. Scientists have traced how the brain starts by perceiving something as a threat, which then causes the body to produce stress hormones such as cortisol. When you feel stressed all the time, then overexposure to cortisol can lead to some very bad things, such as insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, and even heart disease.

But the funny thing about stress is that we already know it’s a bad thing! When we feel stressed out, we don’t need to read a bunch of medical journals to know that we need a break from it all. Modern life is full of stress, and for that we need a break. But if a full-fledged vacation is impossible, then we turn to the next best thing—listening to music.

Again, science has some irrefutable proof that music can be therapeutic, but we already know this. It’s so obvious that it can give you a headache wondering why scientists would even take all the time to investigate it.

How to Relax When Listening to Music

There are several ways you can listen to music for relaxation. There’s a concept called active listening, in which you concentrate on the music in the same way you would concentrate on a book. You can also listen by letting the music flow through you, and you just let music do the work. Some people can even relax while listening to rock music, especially when they’re bored. As any scientist can also tell you, excessive boredom can be stressful, and a jolt of excitement (a form of positive stress called eustress) can be relaxing.

Find the Right Headphones for Relaxation

So how do we go about maximizing the anti-stress benefits of music? First, you need the right equipment. In fact, you need the right earbuds or headphones. It’s a good idea to learn your options by looking at comparison charts and sorting by brand, comfort ratings, your price range, etc.

Here are some features of the “right” equipment for your consideration:

1. It should be able to block out the outside world.

If you can’t get a vacation to escape the busy life, then at least you can make your escape for an hour or two. The advantage of the right headphones is that you won’t hear anything else aside from the music: not the blare of the traffic outside your window, not the chatty co-worker trying to talk to you about the Kardashians’ latest ruckus, not the cellphone insistently ringing to get your attention. Close your eyes, and the world effectively melts away.

2. It has to provide a nice crisp sound. The sound has to be super-clear, with the bass deep enough and the treble sharp enough for you to appreciate what you’re hearing. Bad sound can actually give you more stress because it’ll hurt your ears and you’ll also stress about how you wasted your money on a lousy pair of headphones.

If you’re a gamer, your ps3 headset can even double as a pair of music headphones (assuming its a decent piece of hardware of course). This way, you can seamlessly alternate between two very effective forms of stress relief.

3. It should be very comfortable to wear for long periods. Escaping the world isn’t all about sights and sounds. It’s also about sensation and comfort, and uncomfortable earphones can be stressful too. What you need is a pair of headphones that sit on your ears nicely so that you don’t feel any discomfort. That means you need the right size for your ears and you also need something that’s light enough so you won’t notice the weight.

We all need a break from our busy life. Unfortunately, a lot of vacations today can be stressful as well, and often you’ll hear people talking about needing a vacation after their vacation. Travel can be stressful, and so is the thought of spending a lot of money on hotel rooms and air travel.

With the right headphones, you can relax with the music and take a break from reality anytime you feel like it.

7 Facts about Drinking Coffee

coffeeA lot of people right now cannot live without drinking coffee. They would have to get one at the start of the day in order to function and do their tasks well. There are even some who become irritable when they do not get their daily dose of coffee. This is the main reason why coffee is a big seller in different parts of the world. While it has a good side, it also has a bad side and it would be fair to keep people informed about some known interesting facts about coffee.

The Bad

There are some reasons why as much as possible, people would want to limit their coffee intake every single day. Here are just some of those reasons:
• Decaffeinated coffee can contain caffeine and can also contain harmful chemicals. One of the main reasons why people choose decaffeinated coffee over the others is because they believe that it will be better since it does not contain caffeine. While the caffeine content has been cut down a lot, you can still get your caffeine fix if you drink more than five cups of decaffeinated coffee every single day.
• Coffee can actually kill. If you think that this is not possible, tell that to your heart and the rest of your body after you have drunk 100 cups in succession. It has been said though that you can only get killed when you drink so many. Knowing this fact, it will be best if you do not try it because you will never know what might actually happen.
• When you drink coffee without eating, it will make the production of hydrochloric acid pick up which is not necessarily a good thing because it would only need to be produced when there is food that should be digested. If the body will not be able to digest food properly, it can lead to a variety of different digestive problems.
The Good

While there are some bad and weird facts about coffee, let us now focus on the benefits that coffee can give such as:
• Caffeine can act as a pain killer. There are instances when one of the main reasons why people drink coffee is because they would like to cut the pain that they are feeling. The right amount of caffeine can do just that.
• Coffee contains anti oxidants. A lot of people would like to get their daily dose of anti oxidants to easily get rid of the free radicals that they have consumed and are inside the body. Anti oxidants is also the main reason why coffee is bitter.
• It may help promote healthy weight. There are instances when drinking a cup of coffee after a meal will help aid in digestion and make people have lower body weight than usual. Do remember that you do not have to drink a lot for this to happen. Too much of it will also be bad.
• It can boost your sexual drive. Are you not feeling the drive to be intimate with your special someone?

Maybe you just need a good cup of coffee to get started.

With these facts you will realize that drinking coffee in moderation is always the best option.

Different Types Of Massage (And Their Unique Benefits)

Stone massageThe practice of massage has been around for ages and can be traced back to 2700 b.c. Ancient Eastern Chinese cultures used massages to address many health problems.

Evidence of the use of massage for healing has also been found In other ancient civilizations such as: Mesopotamia, Japan, India, Egypt and Greece. Ancient paintings on tombs have been found that depict the practice of massage. It is believed that it came about because the first thing you are inclined to do when you have pain, is to rub or touch the area that is hurting. If you think about it, for the most part this is true!

The word originates from the French word massage which means friction of kneading. It also comes from the Arabic word massa which means feeling, handling or touching; and, from the Latin word massa meaning mass and dough. Many years ago in ancient Greek and Latin, the Greek word for massage was anatripsis and the old Latin word was frictio. As you can see, all of these terms relate to movement of the hands on the body, just as you would knead and work dough in the kitchen.

Studies Show The Benefits of Massage

Massages can aid with alleviating pain and relaxing the muscles in many parts of the body. Common target areas are muscles, joints, skin, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and even organs in the gastrointestinal system. Fingers, elbows, feet, hands, knees and forearms can be used during the application of massage.

The National Institute of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) conducted studies from 2008 – 2012. These studies concluded that massages help with reducing pain in cancer patients as well as relaxing them and uplifting their mood.

Studies were also done on massage benefits with conditions like Fibromyalgia, headaches, HIV/AIDs, chronic lower back and neck pain, pregnancy and infant care. In all of these studies it was shown that massages can help if done by a licensed, trained therapist.

If you speak to 10 people about back pain, eight of them will tell you that they experience debilitating back pain, according to If you are one of those people, then you know how difficult it is to live with that pain on a daily basis. It has been shown that massages lessen stiffness and pain, and improve range of motion.

According to Health Magazine, studies have also linked massage to healthy sleep. This is because being rubbed down affects delta waves – brain waves attached to deep sleep. For women, it has been shown that massages help with PMS symptoms. In 2009, a study indicated that 30 minutes of massaging could reduce tension headaches.

According to WebMD, a regular massage can reduce the number of migraines a person has. The list of benefits goes on: anxiety, sports injuries, soft tissue strains, insomnia, and digestive disorders are some of the other areas that have been shown to improve with massages.

It is good to know what the experts say, but the real expert is you, because you know how your body feels after a good massage!!

What Type of Massage Should I Choose?

Great question, since there are a variety to choose from. Remember that thanks to technological advances, those who feel uncomfortable receiving in-person massages can opt for to receive the same benefits through the use of a massage chair. While the overall effect may be slightly different, and the massage options may be more limited, popular chairs like the Panasonic EP1285KL can give surprisingly pleasing results.

Here are a few types of massages along with their descriptions.

Deep Massage – This is a slower technique using stronger strokes and focusing on the deep layers of connective tissue and muscle. Deep massage helps with damaged muscles from an injury.

Swedish Massage – This is a common massage seen in many spas. It involves long strokes and deep circular kneading motion. A combination of tapping and vibration are also used for energy and relaxation.

Trigger Point Massage – After you have overused or injured a muscle, tight muscle fibers often form in that area. This massage focuses on specific areas to loosen those fibers.

Aromatherapy Massage – Scent is key to this massage. Essential oils that are considered relaxing and energizing are used by the masseuse. Examples of essential oils are lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil. People under stress frequently get these massages. The oils can be inhaled using steaming hot water or a vaporizer and create a pleasurable, relaxing feeling.

Acupressure – Similar to acupuncture, this is a Chinese technique that uses the fingers instead of needles to stimulate points on the body. It is often used to ease headaches, sinus problems, arthritis, constipation, and many other health issues.

Is Massage Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Massages are often considered as alternative medicine and it is best to check with your insurance company before seeking reimbursement. Laws vary from state to state. There are codes called CPT codes (Current Procedural Terminology) that are used when billing insurance companies. These codes describe specific procedures performed by health care providers. Some insurance companies have massage therapy included in their wellness benefit. The best course of action is to check with your provider first if you would like reimbursement or discounted massage therapy.

The type of massage therapy you use is dependent on whether you just want relaxation or if you are experiencing a particular health issue. Speak to your health practitioner for guidance. Remember, be sure to look for a licensed massage therapist or seek advice on the best massage chair for your needs.

There are very few risks that come with massage, but there are a few things that can occur like bruising or internal bleeding. A well trained therapist will know areas to avoid such as areas that have blood clots, open wounds or fractures, and areas that have tumors. A skilled massage therapist will welcome your questions.

How To Go About Finding The Right Family Health Insurance

Choosing the right kind of health insurance for your family can prove difficult, as there are so many options to select from. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference to yours and your families life.

Every company that offers this form of insurance have their own particular set of requirements that people must meet before they can get such. It is therefore vital that you read through all the documentation and information provided by the various insurance companies so you can decide which ones policy is going to serve your needs the best.

It is vital that you do plenty of research beforehand, and never sign up to the first policy that you are offered. It is best to work with a company that has gained a good reputation who offer all the coverage you will want and need.

The main role of this form of insurance is to ensure that you are provided with the correct medical attention that you and your family may be after being involved in an accident (say falling off a bouncy castle), contracting a particular disease or to undergo certain tests including check ups at the doctors or dentists.

Along with checking through what health insurance the various companies are offering coverage to you, you also need to look at how much they charge. The prices charged do vary quite a bit and is often dependent on the level of coverage being offered. Some will only cover you for visits to certain hospitals, doctors or dentists as they work with them directly. Then there are others who allow you to visit a particular doctor you want at a certain time. Getting the right coverage to cover accidents is also important as accidents can happen no matter how careful you are as a parent. This might be a fall at a kids party or an accident at school or at dance class.

Even if you don’t have children yet, buying health insurance now is vital. You should get coverage to start as soon as you can in order to take full advantage of it. Often when it comes to adding children to the policy often the first one can be added to the existing policy you have. Sometimes some health insurance providers will allow coverage of the child to begin before they are born. But most tend to do so after the child has been born.

Be aware that when you take out any kind of health insurance any pre-existing ailments you or your family have may not be covered. In fact most policies will only cover any new ones that you develop.

All families should take out health insurance whenever possible that includes both medical and dental care. As well as providing you with cover for any medical treatments it should also cover you for check ups. At this time we are all having difficult coming by money, but taking out family health insurance not only saves you money but also will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your family will protected should any emergency arise.

Finding the right family health insurance policy for you and your family isn’t that difficult, but it may take some time. In order to get what you want exactly you need to make sure that you have all angles covered.

Are Atypical Antipsychotics Really a Safe Option for Mental Disorders?

More and more, people are questioning whether we are better or worse off with modern antipsychotic medications.

Are the individuals who take antipsychotics potentially exposed to greater health risks than before they started taking them?

Would society improve without them? Or has life proved better with them in our midst?

There are a lot of questions to be asked.

Atypical anti-psychotics, like the popular drug Seroquel (i.e Quetiapine), have come under scrutiny and resulted in the British manufacturer, AstraZeneca, having to compensate individuals in nearly 30,000 lawsuits that were brought up against them in 2011.

Most of the lawsuits were brought up due to these massive drug company’s failure to indicate risks concerning weight gain and diabetes. Seroquel consumers were misled to a substantial degree.

There are other life altering side effects for Seroquel users have to worry about, such as the neurological disorder Tardive Dyskinesia , which is characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements. Many people are entirely ill informed about side effects like this that could potentially crop up from use of antipsychotic drugs like this.

Many people believe that these concerns and potential dangers might have never seen the light of day if it where up to the large pharmaceutical companies. There’s no denying that money is the dominant motivator for big corporations like the pharmaceutical manufacturers. These behemoths pull in so much money that it’s not surprising that oftentimes they attribute more importance to their economic bottom line than the welfare of their consumer base.

Think about their business model. It’s based on return customers. They’re not trying to cure people’s disorders. That’s just not in their interest. There’s much more money in lifetime customers. And the reality is, if a medication causes powerful side effects – that’s just more reason to take more medications.

The same company has been accused of paying doctors commissions to promote the same drug, Seroquel, for unapproved and untested uses in children, elderly and prisoners. While under investigation accusations have been brought up that accuse the company of “burying” data that could potentially show the risks of the medications they produce.

It’s not just AstraZeneca – it’s all of big Pharma corporations. Today, drug companies have becoming the biggest target of the US government for anti fraud investigations.

Now it’s not likely that the people who run these corporations are entirely sadistic. It’s more likely that they are just blinded by greed and profit. They suffer from tunnel vision brought on by profits, ignoring the people they affect in the process.

Until pharmaceutical companies grow a conscience (or get properly regulated) we as consumers need to pose some serious questions about our intake of their products.

With so many unknown effects and so few studies done, it’s safe to say we really don’t know the complete short term effects and bodily interactions of the drugs coming out lately. We know even less about the long term effects! Our bodies are delicate and particular systems, we need to be careful with what we subject them too.

Now we absolutely need to address our mental conditions. But with all of these dangerous side effects, we’re going to have to think outside of the box concerning drugs like Seroquel if we want to truly take care of our bodies as best as we can. Sadly, the system isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

In the world we’re living in, we need to learn to adequately look out for ourselves.

What You Need To Know As A New Runner?

runnersIt has been more than a year since the last time I worked out. I enjoy working out, but for the past year or so, I was very sick, which prevented from working out. My health is back to normal, so I feel ready to start working out again. In the past, my workout routine included: aerobics, strength training and crunches. I want to add running in my workout routine now.

I have tried running in the past, but for some reason, I find it hard to do, so I usually stop. I know the reason why I had trouble with running is because I did not know the basics when it comes to running, so I have been doing some research on the matter and I have found some good tips. One of the things that I was doing wrong was that I did not have the right shoes on. When you are a runner, you need to have a good pair of running shoes .

As a new runner, do not make the mistake of running as if you were a professional athlete . you need to start small. It is best to run 8 to 15 miles per week instead of trying to do more. As a new runner, do not think in mile increments while you’re running. It is best to think in minutes While you are running, it is important to relax as much as you possibly can. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that yo have to run 45 minutes every time you go for a run. If you can only run 10 or 15 minutes today, you do it. It’s better to run 10 minutes than not to run at all.

Another problem I had when running was that I never used to warm up and stretch before starting to run. Now I know the importance of doing these two things if I want to become a good runner. Another tip that I have learned is that I have to listen to my body. I must admit that was on of the mistakes that I have made in the past. If your body is in pain, it means that you have to stop. Don’t try to be a hero. You must listen to your body.

I realize that the reason why I like doing aerobics and strength training, and even doing crunches, is because I find these exercises to be fun. I know you’re probably thinking that aerobics is fun, but there is no way that doing crunches is fun. I will admit that, at first, doing crunches is not fun, but once you get used to it, you will start to enjoy it.

I used to get bored while running. I thought I was the only that this has happened to, but it turns out that I am not alone. I have found that there are ways to remedy this. You have to stay above bored. So, how do you stay above bored? Well, Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World editor and 1968 Boston Marathon champ states that “A 40-minute run punctuated with a half-dozen 30-second pace pickups (not all-out sprints) can really jazz up an otherwise boring training run.”

I hope these tips help you in your journey to getting fit or staying fit as new runner.

Why Game Meat Is The Healthiest Option

Everyday, it seems like there is something new in the field of nutrition, and I find it difficult to keep up. There’s always something in the news about foods that you shouldnt be eating because they are treated with pesticides and chemicals. This includes things like the “dirty dozen“, which are fruits that you should not eat because they are treated with pesticides which are easily absorbed into the fruits because of porous  skin (like peaches and strawberries). There’s also the “clean fifteen” which are fruits and vegetables that do not absorb pesticides because of their thick skin (or peel). This list includes things like avocados, pineapple and cabbage.

This of course, does not end with fruits and vegetables. It spills over into the protein portion of your plate with rBGH hormone injected cows and other meat producing animals. In addition to the cows, they are also injecting chickens and pigs with rBGH. This doesnt even take into account what is on what the animal is eating – was the grass/feed the cow ate for lunch sprayed with pesticides or there are other contaminants in the soil that the plant has been leaching out that the cow is eating. Unfortunately, most of these toxins that the cow is eating will end up being stored in the fatty tissue of the cow, and dont leave the fatty tissue.

There seems to be rules around everything in terms of food. Do eat this, dont eat that, eat this, but only if it’s organic. It gets difficult to comprehend and even tougher to execute.

What Should You Do?

After reading about all the bad things that were making their way into my food because someone put them there or because my food ate food that was bad for it, I couldnt help but wonder – what is the easiest (and most cost effective) way for me to eliminate these pollutants? I surely didnt want to be eating them, but I also dont want to pay the going rate for organic meat in my area (buffalo is almost $9 per pound!). That’s just too much money to try and feed a family on, and I didnt really want to make too many sacrifices, so I needed to find another way.

I happened to bring this up to a friend a while ago and he asked if I liked game meat. Most of it I had not tried, but I was familiar with venison (white tail deer) so I told him that I’d be more than willing to give that a try, but was unsure how to cook it. He said that I could just substitute it for beef in my recipes and it would be fine. I took him up on it, and he came by the next day with about 5 neatly wrapped packages of meat, some cut for roasts and some cut for soups and stews. Since is a hunter, he had plenty to spare.

After thinking about this more, I realized that it was a great option for us. The grasses and other stuff that the deer eat in the wild have not been treated with any pesticides, and no one is out there injecting these deer with hormones to make them get bigger faster. The deer are just doing what they normally do, being deer and eating normal food. No one is messing with them and they are not growing unnaturally.

After a while, I started to become curious about hunting myself, and started to ask my buddy a lot of questions about hunting and how I could get started. He offered to take me with him, but first he wanted me to read up and at least familiarize myself with what I would need, so he told me to search around online and I had read quite a bit about hunting before we even got out in the field, from great hunting gear websites. I felt pretty confident in my knowledge when we got out in the field, but there was still a lot to learn!

It seemed like he had a gadget for everything under the sun, and each different gadget had a different purpose. There was stuff to hold arrows and broad-heads, stuff for calling in deer, binoculars to see in the distance, and a rangefinder to check distance. I started asking about what types of equipment I should get so I could get started hunting next season and stop being such a leech off my friend, and he told me that I didn’t need to go all out, but one of the most important things that I could get was get the best archery rangefinder I could afford. I even found a great hunting rangefinder comparison chart to look over when I was searching that really helped.

I’m hoping that this year I can start my hunting journey and finally get some of that excellent healthy food for me and my family on my own!

Ways to Relieve Back Pain for Those Standing on the Job

backpainIf you are a nurse, a stylist, a chef or any other worker who has to stand on the job all day, you know too well about the fact that standing on your feet for a long period of time is damaging to your back . The reason why your back hurts after standing for a long time on your feet is because your body compresses and your weight shifts downward. When that happens, you usually find yourself with swollen feet, your flexibility decreases and you have reduced circulation. The good news is that there are certain things that can be done to help relieve your back pain, even if you have to stand on your feet all day.

The first tip that can help relieve back pain while standing all day at work is to wear comfortable shoes . When I say comfortable shoes, I don’t necessarily mean sneakers. I am talking about shoes that were made specifically for people who have to stand for an extended periods of time. Since your feet tend to swell when you are on your feet all day, you will need to size your shoes appropriately .

Another good tip that can help to lessen your back pain is to have proper posture. Standing up straight may feel like it is a lot of work, but it will do a lot of good to your back. Don’t stand with your butt sticking out and big arch on your lower back because if you do that, your lower back will bear all the weight during your shift. As a result, you will have back pain.

Make sure you apply ice on your back in order to relieve the pain and inflammation . When the pain gets to be too much to bear, it may not be a bad idea to use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to get some relief. These medications should only be used occasionally as they have some side effects.

Getting a massage can help relieve the pain as well. If you don’t have the time or the money to go see a Physical Therapist to get a massage, it is not a bad idea to do one yourself as this helps with circulation and it releases tension.

Engaging in exercises can help relieve back pain as well. It can be something simple, such as bending your back and doing some biking when you get home. Anything that strengthens your muscle tone will help relieve back pain.

The next tip that I am going to share with you might seem like common sense, but some people don’t know it. Always face your tasks head on. It is very important to face what you are doing in order to avoid having bad postures, imbalances, too much twisting and turning.

Try to do some stretches. I know that this tip may not be always easy to do while at work, but it is important to try to find the time to move your muscles in different ways. Try reaching your arms over your head, engage your abs and then stretch your muscles from side to side in order to relieve pressure.

Tips for New Runners

runnerIf you are a new runner and are looking for tips on how to start your new running journey, you have come to the right place. As a new runner, it is normal to feel nervous and overwhelmed when it comes to running. I understand how you feel because it was not long ago that i found myself in your shoes. the things that helped me to feel less overwhelmed and nervous was that I learned the basics. I have noticed with everything in life, the more you know about something, the more comfortable you feel when it comes time to do it.

Let’s get started!

The first thing that you need to know in order to become a good runner is that you have to find the right pair of shoes. Wearing the right shoes will make you feel comfortable and they will help to prevent injury as well. When you buy your running shoes, you have to make sure that they are the right shoes for your feet. Once the shoes are worn out, you will need to replace them. It is advised to change running shoes every 300 to 400 miles.

Another important tip that you need to be aware of when it comes to running is that you have to make sure that you warm up and cool down. The reason why you need to warm up is because this is your way of telling your body that you are about to start running. The warm up helps prepare your heart for what is about to come. It is imperative that you minimize stress on your heart when you begin to run. It is good to start your run with an easy walk. Once you finish with the walk, you can start jogging for about 5 minutes or so before you start running.

One of the most important tips that I can give you when it comes to running is the fact that you need to breathe in through you nose and mouth. You would be surprised to know that many new runners don’t know this tip. Some of them think that they should breathe only through their nose, but the thing is if they don’t do both, they won’t get enough oxygen through their muscles while they are running. Another important tip is to take deep belly breaths in order to prevent side stitches while you are running. This is something that happens often with new runners.

As a new runner, you should not worry about pace. Instead, you should try the run/walk approach. As a beginning runner, you do not have the endurance to run for long periods of time. The way the run/walk approach works is that it allows you to run for a short segment and then you take a short walking break. As you start getting used to running, you will be able to run more than walking by using this approach.
The final tip that I want to share with you is not to do too much too soon. New runners have a tendency of getting too excited and anxious to get started that they end up running more miles than they should. They end up hurting themselves by doing so. So, with that said, it is very important to take your time when you are new to running if you do not want to get injured.

I hope these tips help you achieve your running goals.